Listen to the stillness

Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating non-judgmental awareness of experiences by paying attention, on purpose, and with a beginners mind.

· Improves Attention

· Increases cognitive function and brain activity

· Reduces pain levels

· Decreases stress and anxiety

· Helps to overcome depression

· Staying present can lessen addictive behaviors

· Strengthens immune response

· Lowers blood pressure

An Exercise in Mindfullness

For the next minute or so try to focus all of your attention on your breathing. Let your eyes gently close or leave them open if that is more comfortable. Breathe deeply from your belly and exhale in a relaxed, normal fashion. If you find yourself with “monkey mind,”(easily distracted) don’t be discouraged and simply return your thoughts to the breath. Always remember that distractedness is an inevitable part of the process of meditating and not a sign of failure! After completing this short period, notice how you feel. Recognize that this exercise can be done as many times a day as desired and the benefits are available to each of us by simply taking time to focus on our breath.

Mindfulness practice has shown to be extremely beneficial for people of all ages. There are many options available to learn more about mindfulness online, in reading, and trainings that exist in all of our communities. How wonderful is the gift of time, the ability to be present, and to experience our lives as we are actually living it!