Board Meeting Wrap-Up

May 18, 2016

New Assistant Principals Join Administrative Team

Last night, the Board took action to appoint the following assistant principals to support CHS, SCHS and AOMS. We are excited to have these strong leaders join our administrative team:

Oscar Felix (CHS)

Oscar is currently in his 4


year serving as Assistant Principal at El Camino High School in the Oceanside School District. A San Diego native, Mr. Felix began his career in education as a counselor in the Chula Vista School District, after serving in a student outreach program at UCSD in which he was instrumental in assisting under-served students to aspire to, and ultimately attend college. Mr. Felix is bilingual and will be a welcome addition to CHS’s leadership team.

Jesse Schuveiller (Sage Creek High School/Pupil Services)

Jesse is currently serving as the Assistant Principal at Park City High School in Park City, Utah. Prior to his move to Utah, he served as Assistant Principal at Del Norte High School in Poway. He previously was an English and ELD teacher in the Fallbrook and San Dieguito school districts. Jesse's 2016-17 assignment will be split between Sage Creek High School and the Pupil Services Department. Once Sage Creek reaches its enrollment capacity in 2017-18, Jesse will be assigned full time at that campus.

Kimberly Fuentes (AOMS)

Kimberly is a familiar face in Carlsbad and has been with the District since 2005. For the past two years, Kimberly has supported our classroom teachers as the elementary TOSA. Kimberly will join the AOMS administrative team as the new Assistant Principal, replacing Aaron Nelson who was recently named as the new Principal of Magnolia. Congratulations, Kimberly!

Welcome Dr. Churchill - CUSD's New Superintendent

The Board “officially” introduced Dr. Benjamin Churchill as CUSD’s new Superintendent following the approval of his employment contract. Dr. Churchill was given a bag of “goodies” to start his journey in CUSD, including his very own pair of CHS-designed Vans shoes. Dr. Churchill thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve such a world-class district and is looking forward to relocating his family to the area in the upcoming month. For more information about Dr. Churchill’s background and vision for learning, check out the press release at Press Release - Dr. Benjamin Churchill.

Next Generation Science Standards Are on the Way

Members of the District’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Leadership Team introduced a three-year Implementation Plan to rollout California’s new science standards in CUSD. Teachers Lindsay Stough (CHE), Aaron Sotille (CHMS), and Karl Walker (CHS) joined District staff in outlining the plan and explaining how the proposed course integration models would look and sound in the classroom. Their presentation, which can be viewed at Next Generation Science Standards, was both impressive and compelling.

Following the presentation, the Board approved the proposed plan which includes an integrated model for Middle School science coursework beginning in 2016-17 and Three Course Integrated Earth Science Model, beginning in 2017-18.

LCAP Alignment: Goals, Actions & Services

At last night’s meeting, staff presented Actions/Services and Expenditures tied to the achievement of the 2016-17 Goals and Success Indicators, as well as additional information regarding the elementary music enrichment models that were presented at the April 20th Board meeting.

A significant portion of the Board’s questions and discussions centered upon the inclusion of elementary music within the LCAP goals and funding formula. Although the District stopped funding elementary music in 2008 the program has continued under an hourly pay structure funded by CEF. Feedback from the LCAP survey indicated that a group of stakeholders would like to see elementary music funded through LCAP or general fund dollars so that the music teachers could become contracted District employees (as opposed to hourly employees).

At the request of the Board, staff presented two possible scheduling scenarios for elementary music. One schedule focused on hiring nine music teachers (one per school) at an annual cost of $496,470. A second schedule proposed hiring eight music teachers, with each teacher working at least 60% or more, depending on the size of their school. This schedule had a projected cost of $592,191. Currently, CEF provides $220,000 to fund our elementary music program. CEF has committed to continuing this funding.

The Board approved the 2016-19 Draft LCAP as presented, and agreed to form a Board sub-committee to continue to explore the feasibility and funding alternatives of a District-funded elementary music program. The sub-committee will report back to the full Board.

A copy of the completed 2016-19 Draft LCAP will be posted to the CUSD Website by May 20, 2016, per the adopted timeline.