I Feel Like I'm Fixing Rag

By: Country Joe and the Fish


"Yeah, come on all of you, big strong men,
Uncle Sam needs your help again."

The lyrics above explains how the United States are recruiting men for the Vietnam war


Well there ain't no time to wonder why,
Whoopee! we're all gonna die.

Many men are getting drafted into the war. And they believe that when they go into war, they won't come back alive.



This song was made in 1967, during the Vietnam War. This song attempt to put blame for the war upon the politicians and leaders of the US military and the industry that makes its money from war, but not the people who had to fight the war, the soldiers. It talks about the thoughts of a person that is forced to go to war by getting drafted. I agree with the message from the song,
Country Joe & The Fish - I feel like I'm fixin' to die