Vasco Da Gama

discovering a new route

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What made him famous?

Vasco Da Gama was going from England to India to get spices but, he did not walk, he had sailed around Africa and got the spices and sailed back to England.
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What was his life like?

Vasco Da Gama was born in the 1460s in Sines Portugal and died in 1524 Kochi India and his father was a knight.

Why did he do it?

He believed that there was another way to get to India without walking but by sailing around Africa to India (1497-1498) and it was a success, although he didn't discover new lands he discovered another way to land.
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What did he find?

Hefound an easier and faster way to India so they could get spices for England, so instead of walking he had the idea to sail around Africa to get to India.

How did he change the world/England?

He died in Kochi India, he found an easier way to India so that they could get spices for England.

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When he reached India

Thursday, Dec. 15th 1498 at 12am


this is the approximate time he reached india