Poza Rica


Background Information

The population of Poza Rica 185,242. The mayor is C. Sergio Lorenzo Quiroz Cruz. It is also 1,019.5 miles. Some tourist attractions are Costa Esmeralda, Tecoluta, Tupan, and Playa are all Northern beaches

Famous People and Sports

Although the obvious in Poza Rica is football (soccer), there are various water sports. Luis Hernandez is a Mexican football striker.

History and Scenery

Poza Rica was founded on November 20,1951. One building is Manpower Industrial. It is very old and unstable. Besides the worn down buildings and houses, Poza Rica has a beautiful side. It has oceans, mountains, and valleys.

Animals and Food

Cattle, stray cats, and stray dogs all roam in Poza Rica. But sadly their all in danger of inhaling smog. Flan and apple pie, salsa, and sopes are common foods in Poza Rica

Climate and Weather

The average temperature right now is 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Also the climate is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Neighboring Cities and Oceans

The ocean east of Poza Rica is known as The Gulf of Mexico. The ocean west is North Pacific Ocean
The closest North of Poza Rica is Tuxpan,Mexico. The city South is Papantla,Mexico.