Non-Traditional Careers

By: Hannah Gray & Tielor Virginia

What is a Non-traditional Career?

A non-traditional career is a career where fewer than 25 percent of the workforce is one gender. There are many pros and cons for job-seekers considering working in a non-traditional career path.

Clusters & Careers

1)Cluster: Architecture & Construction--Career: Architects--Non-Traditional For: Women

2)Cluster: Education & Training--Career: Librarians--Non-Traditional For: Men

3)Cluster: Finance--Career: Tellers-- Non-Traditional For: Men

4)Cluster: Health Science--Career: Chiropractors--Non-Traditional For: Women

5)Cluster: Human Services--Career: Clergy--Non-Traditional For: Women

6)Cluster: Information Technology--Career: Computer --Non-Traditional For: Women


7)Cluster: Manufacturing--Career: Hand Sewers--Non-Traditional For: Men

8)Cluster: Hospitality & Tourism--Career: Travel Agents--Non-Traditional For: Men

9)Cluster: Government & --Career: Airline Pilots--Non-Traditional For: Women

-----------Public Administrations-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

10)Cluster:Arts, A/V Technology,--Career: Camera Operators--Non-Traditional For:Women

--------------& Communications-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mary Almy

Mary Almy was a successful women architect. She overcame having to walk on crutches all her life, and became successful in the job she loves. (Pictured in top left.)

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook was also a very successful person, but he succeeded as a Travel Agent. He overcame his father's death and was inspired to succeed.

Advantages & Disadvantages

**Advantages************************ **Disadvantages**


1)You get an increased salary-------------------I 1)Hard to obtain necessary work skills

2)You are satisfied with your job---------------I 2)Sometimes you get harassed