Welcome Back Families

Kicking off the 17-18 school year - We ALL Achieve!

We ALL Achieve

Welcome Families,

If you haven’t realized it yet, this will be both an exciting and unusual year for our school. We are welcoming more new staff members at one time than I can remember and we will no longer have 6th graders here. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to do things we haven't done, to get better at what we do well and continue learning. I know our newest staff members will add tremendously to our collective effort and skill. I think all these changes fit perfectly with a quote I found this spring by Carol Commodore, What we know today does not make yesterday wrong, it makes tomorrow better.I look forward to getting better.

Summer Learning: The first highlight for me this summer was the trip to Mooresville, NC. Our district leadership team visited this successful school district in July to attend their summer workshop program. Mooresville has championed an integrated technology model of instruction and seen impressive results in student learning and staff growth. The biggest single take away for me was the laser focus on teaching - how we teach is the driver to school success. In fact, in Mooresville, they say - Instruction first, Technology second. Their digital conversion has been a tool of improvement and essential piece of the puzzle for Mooresville, but they focus on teaching and learning and let technology support that work. This will be a great vision for how we integrate technology at Mount Erie.

I also read a book this summer called The Unstoppable Power of Momentum by Michael Fullan and Mark Edwards. In it, the authors look at case studies of districts that have made substantial changes in their schools in regards to technology with a corresponding result in achievement for students and substantial learning for staff. There’s a rich discussion on teachers, leadership and systems. Highlighting the recipe for success of one featured district, the authors cite the following key ingredients:

  • Collaborative culture of caring

  • High Expectations

  • Data informed and (standard) aligned lessons

  • Personalization

  • Apply maximum efficacy

  • Maximize resources

  • Cultivate reflection to grow and learn

I was struck by some of the similarities between their list and our school. In fact, I was glad to see the first two on the list as I believe we do an incredible job CARING for each other, our families and of course your children. There is a reason “Mount Erie C.A.R.E.S” is our school motto. High expectations is one of our core commitments and I know we strive to create them for our students. As for the others, I feel like we are in various stages of expertise or accomplishment with each. We do a lot of things exceptionally well. We are continually trying to get better. We want to learn. We want the best for our students. I’d be proud to have my kids go here, and in fact, they did.

The past few years our yearly theme has messaged hope and possibility - We Can, We Will - for example was the theme from last year. This year, we've selected the phrase, "We ALL Achieve." Our staff will work hard this year to improve systems, get even better at teaching, and finding just the right method for reaching every student. We're glad to partner with parents and families.

I believe it comes down to this - every student, every day - gets the best of what we can do. That's our promise to all of you. Hope you have had a great start to the year.

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Here's how to reach the school if you have questions or concerns.

Please feel free to connect directly with the principal - Peter Donaldson. If you need help from the office please call Stephanie Rice at the school number below.

No School - Teacher Professional Learning Day

Friday, Sep. 22nd, 8am-3:30pm

1313 41st Street

Anacortes, WA

School Pictures

Monday, Sep. 25th, 9am-12pm

1313 41st Street

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Packets will be sent out next week on Monday 9/18.

Elementary Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 4th, 1:15pm to Friday, Oct. 6th, 3:30pm

1313 41st Street

Anacortes, WA

We will be meeting with families on the afternoons of October 4 - 6. Teachers will meet individually with parents to discuss learning goals for the first half of the year. We will use an electronic sign up for conference slots. We will send the sign up link in an email on Thursday, September 21. Be looking for that.