Genre Project

Elise Skiles


Fantasy often contains elements that are not real such as, talking animals, magical powers, and mythical beeings. It is often set in a midevil or magical scene like forests. Fantasy almost always has wierd or unusual things like dragons, flying spiders, and fairies. Basically fantasy is a genre that includs things that are not real or unlikely to happen.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre were fiction is dealing with the impact of imagined or actual science. Science fiction is a form of writing that is considerd with a world in a fun way.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is a common genre that has events that can happen in real life. So no vampirers, ghosts, ect. The characters are realistic and the settings are real places. the problem of the story is usually somthing that can acually happen. Realistic fiction is always made up but nevr unrealistic.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is putting a characters in a historical time period. It's like realistic fiction but in the past. Historical fiction may have a real time period like 1948, but might have a character like a 200 year old boy.


Romance usually has two characters that end up falling in love and risking thier lives for each other. Romance can take place in the past, the presant, and the future. Romance books are usually good books for people who are looking for love.


Thriller is a genre that revolves arround suspense and anticipation. The goal for thrillers is to keep the auidence alert and on the edge of thier seats. These books are set againts, a problem, an escape, a mission, or a mystery. The tension with the main problem ia lead on throughout the film and leads to hig stress climax.


Mystery is agenre of fiction were a detective solves a crime. Because detectives rely on logic, supernatrual things rarely come into the story. The dective in the book could be anyone, a policeman, a elderly woman, or even a young girl.


Humor is a grene that entertains it's reader by making him or her laugh. The main purpose of humor is to entertain the reader. Some exaples are Big Nate and Bone.


The word adventure come from comes from old french, middle english, and latin. Adventur is taking a dare to do somthing or save someone, and usually taking a very long journey to do it.


An autobiography is an account of a person's life written by that specific person.


The word biography comes from Greek. A biography tells about a person's life. Sometimes a biography could be a diary of a famous persons life!!! Some examples of biographys are Harriot Tubman, George Washington, ect.


A memoir is a observatoin or a experiance put down in a book or journal. It is similar to a aoutobiography but it is not about the auther.