From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Wes Williams 3SR


Did you know chocolate came from a plant called the cucow tree? Chocolate is made for many things like chocolate sirup cake candy bars . Cocow tree only grows in rainy places. Chocolate is made for many things did you know were its made?


Chocolate fruits grown a plant called the cocow tree. The little fruits only grow in wet lands. Farmers put the fruits into craits and get shipped to the factory


The seeds get taken out and get tested they go into a heater for 30 min to two hours and terns a deep dark brown color in tell its cooled a machine cracks open removing the shell leaving the inner part called the nib. The nib get poot into grinding machine and comes out chocolate licker. Half of it goes in to make coco and the other gets made into chocolate . To make coco powder it goes into a hijrollich machine that smashes out the coco butter and goes into a filter to make coco pouder and chocolate


then get shipped to stores chocolate can be made for many things and if you get it it goes to your house and if you buy it make shire to gobble it up.

Interesting Facts

Chocolate was first called choclato ?

Chocolate youst to be made for drinks ?

If you found cucow tree they would do a feast for you in the olden days ?