By: Hannah

Relative size of Peru and capital

Peru is a country in South America. It's capital city is Lima, and Lima is one of it's biggest cities. The relative size of Peru is 1.85 times bigger than Texas, and Texas is the largest U.S state!

Some major cities, and what the people speak there. And don't forget population!

Some major cities are as followed:

  • Arequipa
  • Callao
  • Trujillo
The language mostly spoken is Spanish, and 30.38 million people in 2013 lived and thrived in Peru.
Turismo / Tourism in Arequipa - Perú

The government and currency

Peru is most reconized for....

it's diverse ecosystems. Diverse means range of different things. It is also known for it's food, history, and the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is so famous and recognized someone wrote a song on it!

Primary Exports, Natural Resources and Neighbors

The primary exports in Peru are copper ore, gold, refined petroleum, and petroleum gas. Petroleum is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons. The natural resources are copper, sliver gold, fish, petroleum, and tons more. Peru is what I call very natural. Five neighboring countries are Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, and Brazil.


Important Dates:

  • November 15th 1532
  • November 16th 1532
  • January 18th 1535
  • November 22nd 1542

Historical Events

In 1533 Francisco Pizaro led Spanish soldiers to defeat the Incas. In 1535 Pizaro declared Lima the new capital of Peru.
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Important People

  • Alejandro Toledo was one of Peru's many important presidents. he was also the first Native Indian
  • Francisco Pizaro was the one who declared Lima capital and helped defeat the Incas

Major Rivers/Lakes and Landforms

Peru's major lakes/rivers are the Amazon, Jurua, and Purus, just to name a few. Landform? No problem! A big one in Peru are the Andes mountains, which you might have heard of.

Recreation and Intresting Info

Let's jut say tanning and swimming in the ocean at the beautiful beaches. There are also some great zoos. Vacation time! Some facts I stumbled upon are that the word potato was originated in Peru. I hope you learned a lot on Peru!