The Ant and the Woodpecker

By Max Casey

The Ant and the Woodpecker

One day, there was an ant and a mean woodpecker. The woodpecker decided to peck the ant because it annoyed him.

He said to the ant, "There's something on your shoulder. Here, let me get it."

When the ant believed him, the woodpecker reached down and started pecking the poor ant.

"OW! Quit it!" said the little ant. However, the woodpecker kept on pecking. He soon would take the ant's life if nothing was done soon.

Little did the woodpecker know, there was an ant patrol nearby, searching for food. They turned towards the bushels of fruit to see what the woodpecker was doing to their friend. Furious, the ant patrol charged at the woodpecker. They climbed onto him without his knowledge. They weighed him down, making him unable to fly. Finally, he noticed.

After gasping for air, the ant said happily, "Hey, there's something on your shoulder."

The woodpecker flapped furiously, but the ants just held on too tight. Some of them even bit the woodpecker, making him screech loudly. Another ant patrol nearby saw the commotion. They decided to help out. They grabbed a stick with their combined strength and started poking the bird. He reacted crazily, begging them to please stop. He promised to never hurt the ants again. The ants believed this and jumped off. The woodpecker flew away, making sure he will keep his promise.

Theme 1: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Theme 2: Working together solves problems.