renewable resource

Biomass Description

Wood was once our main fuel source. But now oil took over. Biomass uses wood and sugar. Sugar is fermented and turned to alcohol for burning. Biofuels uses methane gas, Trash, animals, and mulch can be used to produce electricity. A Biofuels plant is simply a place where they burn alcohol and other substances like living organism to create electricity.

Advantages of biomass


  • theoretically an inexhaustible resource

  • Non-renewable and abundant

  • it reduces landfills

  • no carbon dioxide emissions

  • available everywhere in the world

  • Growing Biomass crops produce oxygen and uses up carbon dioxide.

Disadvantages of Biomass


  • could contribute to global warming if directly burned

  • expensive to produce and convert to energy

  • requires more land to produce materials

  • Can be a major part of pollution


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Biomass Fuels Energy Supply
Biomass Fuels Energy Supply