Industrial North of 19th century

Establishments Made in the 1800's in the North

Improvements of Transportation during 1800's

Improvements of Transportation were made during the 1800's. The 2 most reliable forms of transporation are the railroad system and the steamboats. Steamboats were used to transfer citizens and produce. The railroad system connected cities that were located in the Eastern US. Overall, these developments reshaped America's Lifestyle.

The Development of Factories & Machines in the 19th Century

Factories and machines were presented in the 19th century and that caused items to be produced and shipped out. This benefited women in a way because they would earn their own money and independence by working in factories. Along with that, meals and rooms would be provided for them. This also caused the creating of clothes to be less time consuming but for merchants to construct clothing factories that would be located near rivers. The means on how men and women worked changed rigourously.

Working Conditions of the Factories in the 1800's

Even with the benefits of working in the factories, there were still harsh working conditions. It was mandatory for people who worked in the factories to work almost fourteen hours a day, starting from five in the morning until seven sundown. There were difficult working conditions to the point where you could die when you least expect it. Like dying from a bale of cottom that accidentally falls on you. It's also tough because there were accidents occuring at the very same day when an incident just happened. But working in the factories could also have a great oppurtunity to earn some money.