Gay Rights/Bullying


Gay Bashing Bullying

Gay bullying is a serious problem to this day. Over 25% of attempted suicides are due to Gays being bullied and hated on just because of their sexuality. As of now GLESEN, a LGBT organization has conducted that gay bulling is the 1# most reason why bullies go after. 1 in every 6 LGBT students will get bullied and 1 in 5 attempt suicide.

Not just in the U.S

In the middle East being gay is enough to get you in prison and even the death penalty. The same is in most of Africa where being gay can literately kill you. But there is a bright side.
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CDC statistics on LGBT bullying

  • 19% to 29% of gay and lesbian students and 18% to 28% of bisexual students experienced dating violence in the prior year.
  • 14% to 31% of gay and lesbian students and 17% to 32% of bisexual students had been forced to have sexual intercourse at some point in their lives.

What can you do?

If you know anyone who is being bullied becasue of their sexuality tell some one with authority. Doing this much can prevent the next shocking suicide on T.V