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Personalized Agenda To Girls Fly!


Mexican Cinnamon Iced Tea - How flavor is dispersed in water

Classic Vinaigrette on Green Salad - How to emulsify oil and vinegar

Cincinnati 5 Way Chili - How flavor is dispersed in oil

Snickerdoodles - How flavor changes during baking

Girls Fly!

Friday, March 13th, 2-4:30pm

3842 Atlantic Ave

Long Beach, CA

Closed Toe Shoes Require

Arrival Time: 2:00 a.m.

Departure: 11:30 a.m.

Email Contact:

For questions on the day of event call (310) 632-1247

Volunteers arrive at 1:30 p.m.

Chef Tech is a cooking school for all ages and skill levels. In addition to their Professional Chef, Professional Baking and Beginner Cooking series, we offer culinary workshops, kids’ cooking classes,as cooking parties and special events!

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Be Inspired To Cook! - Culinary Arts Experience


Girls Fly! participants discover how a pinch of curiosity can improve their cooking! Explore recipes, activities, and stay connected via Webcasts. Participants enhance their understanding of the science behind food and cooking. A kitchen is no different from most science laboratories and cooking is regarded as an experimental science. Participants leave overwhelming enthusiastic about the chemistry and physics of cooking. They learn how to apply their new experience to successful creative healthy meals. For those of us who wish to know why certain recipes work and perhaps more importantly why others fail, appreciating the underlying physical processes will inevitably help in unraveling the mysteries of the "art" of good cooking.

Girls Fly! with STEAM - Experience the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math of Culinary Arts

STEAM Applications:

· Physical Sciences – Chemistry and physics

· Technology – Cooking equipment, gadgets and smartphones.

· Engineer – An overview of soft matter physics, paired with chefs to demonstrate recipes that highlight each concept. At the end of the course students conduct culinary experiments in tandem with a visiting chefs about their cooking technique and philosophy.

· Arts – Culinary arts

· Math – Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, calculating measurements for increased batches; ingredient substitutions for creativity and emergencies.

Girls Fly! Mission Statement

Girls Fly! Mission – Personal impact, at local levels to advance women and girls globally.

Our Goal:

  • To make one female smile tears of joy because she has clarity tied to her most personal dreams associated with the culinary arts.
  • To unlock your heart. To give you a clearer path to your dreams.
  • A community of people who believe in YOU and your dreams.
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