the Water Cycle

by: arely Calvillo

The Water Cycle

  • there water cycle is a cycle that water goes thru the process again and again every time it rains.
  • the water cycle has precipitation, condensation, evaporation, runoff, percolation, and transpiration.


it is when a stream of water goes down to a lake and also an ocean.


  • it is when the plants have water inside of them, the water goes to the leaves, then the leaves give off water.


  • is when water boils and turns into gas by the sun's heat so the water vapor goes to the air.


  • it happens whenever the water vapor gets cold so they stick together and form water droplets.


  • it happens whenever the cloud is filled with droplets and the cloud cannot hold any more water droplets, it lets go of the water droplets so it is rain.


  • when it rains, the soil is soakind to the ground so plants can like and that is percolation.

The End!

That is the water cycle.