Hong Kong facts

by Ayla 5DS

4 simple questions about Hong Kong

1.What is the time differents between Austalia and Hong Kong? The answer is :2 hours before

2.how many people live in hong kong? the answer is:more that 7 millon

3.what is the most populer food in hong kong the answer is: rice

4. where is hong kong? hong kong is situated on the southeastern coast od china and hong kong covers an areaa 1,104 square kilometres (425 square miles)

what is some of the foods in hong kong

so what is the most common food in hong kong

the most commen thing to have with most dinners, would be rice but i am have truble with finding out the most commen food, so sorry about that :(

What is the money like in Hong Kong


The legal temder is the hong kong dollar ($) ,which is linked to the America at a rate of about 7.80 Hong Kong dollar to USD , althogh exchange rates rates may fluctuate slighly .Intrestingly ,Hong Kong banknote are issued by three branks .

What are the colours of the notes in Hong Kong?

$10- green or purple (the purple notes is issued by the goverment)

$20- dark blue or light blue (oldd or new)

$50-purple or green (old or new)




(issued by the goverment)

What are are the colours of the coins in Hong Kong?

10c,20c and 50c are all bronze

$1,$2, and 5 dollar are all silver

and $10 are in bronze/siver

What shape are the coins in Hong Kong?



50c-circular ,large


$2-wavy - circular



what is the weather like in hong kong .

Hong kong has the four season like us but they are not in thhe same orter .