Roman vs U.S Ideas

Citizenship,Laws And Justice By Fraulein

Citizens of Rome

Citizenship belonged to all free,law-abiding people

Rights of Citizens:

- Able to vote

- Hold official offices - civil and government

- Own property and write contracts

Not all Equal

Male citizens enjoyed all of the rights

Woman had limited rights -No voting or government offices

Slaves were property with almost no rights - small chances for freedom

Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights

What connections con you draw between the freedom children and the U.S

A child is any human being below the age of eighteen years, unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier."[2] There are no definitions of other terms used to describe young people such as "adolescents", "teenagers," or "youth" in international law,[4] but the children's rights movement is considered distinct from the youth rightsmovement.

Fallow the law

Focused on;


-Inheritance - what family gets when a member dies

-Contracts between people

Roman Justice

natural laws giving every citizen rights

Connected to life ,liberty , and pursuit of happiness

* where do we see that in the united stated is in the declaration of the independence

judges made court decisions from trails and evidence


fit the crime committed

-fines pay money


-Banishment - have to leave Rome


-Execution if guilty of treason

Patricide - killing father was punished by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten ,harder work , or often crucified