5 Things to Know about WNHS

March 22, 2019

Feeling down? Our Counseling Staff is Great!

Sometimes in the Spring, the stress of the school year can really start to weigh on students. This is just a reminder that we have lots of resources to help students. Remember that each student has their own counselor, assigned by alphabet based on last name. It varies a little by class, but Jessica Telander has the first part of the alphabet, Mary Blietz has the middle of the alphabet, and John Kohl has the end of the alphabet. You can call the guidance office at any time and our secretary, Vicki Deutsch, will help you connect with the right person based on your needs. We also have 2 social workers, Lisa Terry and Dara Turnball. We have a specialized counselor for issues with addiction and mental health, Connee Meschini. Our school nurse is Jeni Butenschoen. And finally, we have Rosecrance counselors with us almost every day. If your student is having any issues, please reach out to us and let us help connect you with resources here in our building or in the community. Our offices will be open during the break if you encounter issues through the week. Counselors will not be in, but we can still help you and your student find resources. Our guidance office phone is 815-334-2124. During the break, just call our Main Desk at 815-334-2101. We hope you have a safe and relaxing break!

The SAT push is on for Juniors on April 9th.......

If you are a parent of a Junior, we hope that the students have mentioned that they are doing the John Baylor SAT Prep Program. The prep program has been a challenge for some, but we hope it will pay off in big ways. When we return, students will do their final lessons. The test is April 9, starting at 8:20. To help us get ready for that important date, on April 4, John Baylor himself will be here to encourage the kids to do their best. The college application process becomes much easier if the students do not have to worry about taking the SAT again. Students will fill out their required pre-identification information on the afternoon of April 4th. Students will need to decide where they would like to have their test scores sent on this day. SAT allows 4 free score reports. Please work with your student over break to select these 4 appropriate schools.

On the day of the test, STUDENTS CANNOT BE LATE AND STILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE TESTING ROOM! This is an SAT rule, not a school rule, so it is critical that all Juniors are on time for that day. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY EVENTS FOR YOUR JUNIORS ON APRIL 4 (pre-information day) OR APRIL 9 (test day)!

On the day of the test, students should bring a photo ID and a calculator. As defined by the College Board, they absolutely CANNOT ENTER A TESTING ROOM WITH A PHONE or any type of smart watch! If you know that your student has trouble controlling their screen time, please help them remember to leave the phone at home, in the car, or in their locker. If a student does pull out their phone in a testing room, they will be dismissed immediately from the test, and will not receive a score. The regular time testing rooms should finish and be released at approximately 1:30 PM. Further, if students do not complete the test with us on April 9th, they cannot be classified as a Senior next year. This test is really important. Please make sure your student eats breakfast, gets a good night's sleep, and is ready to go on April 9th. For SAT questions, please contact Patrick Podgorski at ext. 2103.

PSAT is required for all 9th and 10th graders on April 9th.

All Freshmen and Sophomore students will be required to take the PSAT on April 9th at the same time as the Juniors are taking the SAT. This is an excellent opportunity for your student to practice and get a score from the College Board to help them prepare for the real thing. This PSAT is shorter than the SAT and students will finish at approximately 12 noon. Students should bring a calculator and a photo ID. Students cannot have a phone or any type of smart watch in the testing room. If they bring in one of these devices to the testing room, they will be dismissed and school disciplinary consequences will apply. At the end of the testing session, students will be allowed to get lunch in the commons. After lunch, students will then participate in an informational session about the negative effects of vaping. These students will be released at 1:30 PM. Buses will run at their normal time of 3:15 PM. Students can wait in the commons for these buses. For PSAT questions, please contact Ed Weaver at ext. 2111.

This All Happened this Week! We've been busy!

Big picture
Big picture

Soccer off to a great start. Shown here playing Richmond Burton. We won 5-0!

Thunder Way Cafe to reward those students who are doing it right. Go Thunder!