TKAM Allusions

Madison Heinelman, 05/07/16 5th

Union Ch.2

Allusion- Historical

Meaning-It represents the north in the civil war, which fought against the South.

This is stated in Ch2

"...Alabama seceded from the Union January 11, 1861..."

when talking about the new teacher Miss.Caroline and her weird quirks.

Reason-Harper Lee put this in to show us how the town of Maycomb thinks of North/civil war.

Effect-it enhances the readers ability to see what these people think of the northern states.

Braxton Bragg Ch.16


Meaning-Braxton Bragg was an over confident, stingy, rude military leader in the Confederacy, who wasn't all, and was later defeated, he however defended a Negro when he hated them.

This is talked about in Ch.16-"you know, it's a funny thing about Braxton," said Atticus . "He despises Negroes, wont have one near him."

Reason-Harper Lee used these to explain Mr. Braxton Underwood,the editor, is a very stingy man, as well as the parallels to the General.

Effect-It gives us an insight into what this mans' personality and life accomplishments might be, as well as how much he respects atticus to defend a negro.

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