Taylor Bates for Governor

Working together to make Craig the best place on campus!

Everyone deserves to live in a comfortable dorm

The board of Governors decides how finances are directed towards dorm renovations, and too often do grade-level politics come into play. The result - places like Craige and Hinton James often get pushed further back on the list. Money should go where renovations are needed, regardless of which class typically lives there.

Making Craige #1 in Sustainability!

Working with the office of sustainability and Carolina Green, we will make Craige the model community for sustainability with new composting and recycling initiatives - maybe even building a "box fort" to collect recyclable cardboard.

New ideas for community activities

Your dorm is where you sleep... Craige is where you LIVE.

Ease the pain of studying

Cookies and milk for late study nights? Coordinated study groups? Community government will work for you to make sure we can all work hard and play hard. And when you aren't studying, community government will keep the ball rolling with new activities and opportunities to make friends. Feeling left out is something that should not carry on into college.