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The issue is all the mass murders that are happening over the world and becoming a frequent incident. The problem is people are extremely capable of getting ahold of guns who are not legal or in the right state of mind for carrying such weapons. This topic is very controversial because the argument is that if the gun control is limited then people won't be able to protect their families as easily as they would like. Citizens don't want to be punished because some people in their society have mental illnesses and are not capable of carrying a gun for protection but violence.

TrUmPs PlAn

Trump said " i like to have myself protected", which is why he thinks gun ownership makes us safer, not dangerous. He doesn't think that the gun laws are pointless but, believes all of the tragic mass shooters result from people with mental illnesses. If he gets elected he is going to address mental health to decrease the number of people who are on the streets that should not be. He is against gun control strongly. His stance is that if more people had guns that are licensed and mentally stable if would proivde an extra defense method for the people that are come in contact with metal ill humans.

HiLaRyS pLaN

Hilary said " i believe weapons of war have no place on our streets". Hilary plans to limit the use of guns as much as possible. She plans if any individual would like to purchase a gun their back round check is going to be extended greatly. She wants guns off the internet for sale and revoking the gun show. She is going to keep guns away from the people who have mental issues, abusers, and highly dangerous criminals. Different from trump she believes physically that its so much easier to just go buy a gun and thinks that limiting that will prevent these unexpected outrages shootings.

StEiN & JoHnSon

Stein thinks that there should be strict background checks if you would like to purchase a gun. She also siad there should be psychological test and training included. Stein says that having guns at home is not safe and thinks nobody should have them there. On the other hand, Johnson thinks there should be absolutely no restrictions on guns. He says it makes us less safe not being able to purchase guns. It would be impossible to protect himself, his property, and family without the protection of guns.


Republics plan to keep guns out of hands of suspected terrorists, because that is a very extreme topic that they think needs to be changed asap. Democrats want to close down the gun show in order to keep Americans rights of owning a firearm.


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mY oPiNiOn

I strongly agree with Donald Trump. I think that we shouldn't be focusing on limiting the control of guns but getting more people with mental illnesses of the streets. No matter what there will always be violence, sick people, and terrorists. Unfortunately we can't prevent that, just be loaded with protection when we come in contact with it and we won't be able to do that without the protection of weapons. I believe Hilary Clinton has no idea what she is talking about and if she wins presidency than the number of deaths at the next deathly event will increase.
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