Ms. Venturino's AVID - Week 15

November 9-13, 2015

What we did this week

On Tuesday, we began class by talking about handshakes, why they are important, and how a good handshake helps us make a good first impression. Students were then assigned to introduce themselves to all of their teachers and practice their handshake. Many teachers have come up to me this week to compliment our AVID students on their excellent handshakes and effort with this assignment. I encourage you all to practice this at home too!

Students created their career projects on Google Slides during class this week. Walking around, many of them had good starts to their projects and were making good progress. On Friday, students evaluated their own project, then switched with a partner and did a peer review. Over the weekend, they need to fix any areas that scored low on their Slides, and submit their slides by Tuesday in class.

What's coming up next week

Next week, we will continue to talk about careers and students will begin to create their professional resume. If you have a resume, please share it with your student this weekend so they can see an example. While I know students have very limited work experience so far in their life, it is a great skill and tool to have a resume. Students will keep their Google accounts through senior year of high school, and therefore they will graduate from high school with a resume already started.

Missing Assignments Due by Sunday December 13th at 8pm!

ALL missing work for Ms. Venturino's science and AVID classes will be due on Sunday December 13th at 8:00pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please add this to your calendar, and plan ahead!

If you need help, here's what you can do:
* Saturday Academy (Ms. V is planning to be available on Saturday, December 6th)
* Before school tutoring in the library, Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
* Lunch tutoring in room 508, Monday through Friday
* Science VSP on Monday November 16th (Law of Conservation of Mass Lab Explain Everything)
* Ask Ms. Venturino for help before or after school
* Send Ms. Venturino a detailed email with your question

Important Upcoming Dates

November 14, 2015: MVA AVID Yard Sale & Garden Build

December 3, 2015: Field Trip to UC Riverside and CSU San Marcos

December 13, 2015, 8pm: All missing work due. No exceptions.

AVID Website

We have a website for AVID that includes information, student work, and important handouts.

Check it out here: