March Madness!!!!

5 easy ways to make March Marvelous!!!

Top 5 Ways to bring in more orders!

#5 Pick a sale item and promote to your customers

The Haddie Bangle is now only $29.50!!! Do a search in your order history for anyone that brought a Renegade Bracelet in silver (one of my bestsellers - not your bestseller, pick another bangle) and tell them how cute this looks layered with it!!! Just started your biz? Why not reach out to anyone you know you loves a team with blue as their color - HELLO WILDCATS - and let them know what a great deal this is!!! Tell them it is selling out quick and when it's gone it's gone for good!!!
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#4 Send out a screenshot of a personalized item to 20 people

Really not a UK fan (Go Hilltoppers) but living in Kentucky you can't throw a stick without hitting one so I frequently send this out via a Facebook Message. Other fabulous ideas are the roman numerals of a new bride's wedding date, kids initials separated by the bar and the Latitude and Longitude of a vacation spot. Cindy Rhodehamel is getting her daughters friends the Lat & Long of home when they graduate so they will always know their way home!!! Cute!!! Know a grandma? How about a 22 inch chain with each grandbabies name on an ID Tag! I usually say "Playing around on my engraving system and made this, which made me thing of you"
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#3 Make the Customer Care Call

Take an half an hour today and follow up with everyone who has purchased from you and make sure they LOVE their stuff!!! Let them know you are offering a special through Wednesday - $10 off orders over $50 (or whatever you want to offer! Free shipping - hey it's your biz). Just don't post the discount on Facebook, that is a no, no.
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#2 Pop Up Shop

Where you go ... alot? Hair salon, nail salon, coffee shop, bookstore, gym, preschool,restaurant or bar - all amazing places to set up your jewels and sell!!! Talk to the owner and pick a date when they are busy, make her the hostess, promote on her Facebook page, your Facebook page, the Stella invite system, with paper flyers there and through her customer base. Create a Red Stamp for both of you to text out. Pick up some cute bags at the Dollar Store and be prepared to sell off your table.
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#1 Book a trunk show!!

The tried and true money maker!!! Reach out today to 10 people and let me know you had a date just open up for either a Muffins and Mimosa or Champagne & cupcakes - champagne is your treat!!!

Don't Dream About Success - work it!!!

A lot of us have backloaded months - hey I am right there with you!! Don't put yourself on pins and needles on the 31th waiting to see if your numbers hit where you want, save yourself the wear and tear on your nails (not to mention wrinkles) and build in some CUSHION! Do these 5 things and I promise you will see results!!! Have a great week and as always I am here to help - call or text anytime!!!