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October 11, 2019

Our new learning

Jeanie and I had the opportunity to go and learn more about the CLASS observation tool. We learned a ton and feel this tool has value for us here at GBEEC. We will be working with SLC regarding the use of this tool. This well researched tool looks closely/deeply at the child/teacher interactions. I will include information about the research we learned about so that you are aware of our thinking and learning.

I particularly loved reading:

Children's social and emotional functioning in the classrooms is increasingly recognized as an indicator of school readiness!! WE KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!

CLASS Information

The CLASS was designed to create a common metric and vocabulary that could be used to describe various aspects of quality across the early childhood.

Classroom quality

Emotional support

  • Positive climate
  • Negative climate
  • Teacher sensitivity
  • Regard for student perspectives

Classroom organization

  • Behavior management
  • Productivity
  • Instructional learning formats

Instructional support

  • Concept development
  • Quality of feedback
  • Language modeling

Interactions between teachers and students can be grouped into the three domains. Even small improvements in each area mean big student learning impact.

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Student Safety:

No kiddos in the front office please. When we look around, it is just not a safe child space. If a child needs to do an errand, like deliver a ream of paper, Chris Sabin would be a friendly face to deliver to.

If a student is not picked up at the end of the day, we will call the student supervision team, just like at midday. We know that you are so very busy after school, but this will give us a few minutes to put together a plan with the child supervised in a safe environment.

Parents visiting on their Child's First Day

We've made "First Day of School Visitor", a white badges that will be given to parents at the front door and bus doors. These parents have not gone through the screening process, they are wearing the badge to alert you to the fact that we know they are here.
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Parent Teacher Conferences

We will have Olive Garden Soup and Salad mid day on Wednesday. If you are at a satellite and need a deliver of a meal, please let Kim or Trula know.

Building will be vacant 8:00-11:00 AM on Friday, Oct. 18th

If you enter the building, please check the alarm. Liz may be working 11:00-5:00

Halloween Parade

You might consider saying to parents that the parade starts promptly, arrive early to get down to your child's room before the parade starts.

Our Schedule:

Monday - Jeanie here, Kerry leaves at 9:00 AM for St. Louis

Tuesday - Jeanie here, Kerry St. Louis

Wednesday - Wishing you Happy Conference Day

Thursday - Wishing you Happy Conference Day