By Abigail Bence


In India culture,people don't eat much meat. They love spicy food. The spiciest food is a dragon bell pepper. It is a favorite. They use curries alot in many types of food. Curries are spices.

Games And Sports

Many people play soccer, field hockey, and cricket in India. Cricket is similar to baseball. Boys play more sports than girls.


In India,some parts are hot some are cold. Monsoon season is between June and September. The seasons are Summer, Winter, and Monsoon. The tempature depends on the time and place.

Life as a kid

Kids in India like movies. Especially Us movies. They watch them alot. Some kids work hard. Some kids relax with technology. India families are usally big. Some families are poor. Some families are rich. Kids go to school for 200 days. Each day is 13 hours long. Your ways of life usally depend on how much money you have.


India has lots of animals. They include tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceroses, bears, monkeys, apes, cobras, and farm animals. The national bird is the peacock. The national animal is the tiger. Tigers, cobras, and elephants are well known in India.

Other cool facts

People bathe in the Yamuna river. During the holiday of Pongal people offer rice boilded in milk to gods. Holi is the celebration of spring. The flags colors are orange, white, green, and blue. Special buildings in India include the Clock Tower, the Taj Mahal, and the Golden Temple. India has 29 states and 13 languges. The population in India is 1,220,800,359. The capital is New Dehli. Popular things made in India include rice, tea, peanuts, wheat, rubber, and tobacco.

How to talk in Hindi

Hello and and goodbye in Hindi are Namaste [ na-mah-stay] and Alavidha [ahl-vee-dah]. Please and thank-you in Hindi are Kripyaa [krip-eye-yaa]. Yes and no in Hindi are ha [hah] and nahi [nuh-hee].