Sarah's Speedy Sportscar

by Sarah Karnes

Question and Hypothesis

What will help my egg to not break when it hits the wall?

I think a cushion will help it not break when it hits the wall.


1. Speed- how fast something goes over a distance

2. Force- a push or pull

3. Inertia- to remain unchanged

4. Acceleration- an increase in speed, turn, or slowing down

5. Friction- the rubbing of something against another

6. Momentum- the amount of motion of an object

7. Potential Energy- the energy that has potential to move

8. Kinetic Energy- energy of motion


First, I filled out the questions on my sheet. I thought my car should be a toilet paper roll.

Then, my mom had the great idea to use a container. It came to my mind to put the egg in the square hole so it is easier to get out, but will also stay in well. My dad and I went to a store and got wheels and the container. It was right until I was on my way to school and I realized it weighed to much and was too big! My mom got a pool noodle and cut it. It was so hard to find wheels that worked that didn't weigh too much. My brother got a Lego car to get the wheels off, but if we glued the car to the foam it would work. It would also fit the requirements. When I tested the speed, the car kept on tipping over, so I tried to roll it down the ramp where there was the least amount of space between the wheels and the end of the car. It worked!

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When we tested the cars against the wall my egg car did well. The egg did not break or fall out.
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My hypothesis was correct. The egg in the car did not break with the cushion.