Digital Citizenship

Be Awesome Online

What To Do Online

When online, be aware that there are some weird things out there. Some websites have been hacked so use them they either redirect you to another website that scam's you, or gives your computer a virus.

What Not To Do Online

If you see a pop-up advertisement that says "You have just won 7 iPhone 8's! Just give us your name and where you live, and you will receive 7 iPhone 8's!" then you don't click on it, because you don't know if its legit or if it'll just mess up your computer and your life.

Guaranteed to have no bad digital footprint

a Frequently asked question

"What is wrong with posting photos of myself in my room with friends?"

Well if you post photos of yourself in your room with your friends, then any creepy person can just look at the photo and immediately know what you look like, what your room looks like, what your friend look like and from your channel, your name.