By.Haley Warren

What is Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport which was created by William G.Morgan.In volleyball the goal is to hit the light weight ball over the the net by hitting the ball with your hands or wrist.The ball cannot hit the ground or the other team will get a point.Also you cannot hit the ball twice,someone else has to hit it before you hit it again.You can play volleyball out doors or indoors.And there is nine innings in volleyball.In volleyball you cannot catch or hold the ball or the other team will get a point.

Facts about Volleyball

Volleyball was created in 1891.Volleyball was made for middle aged men,but after a while everyone started playing volleyball.Volleyball was first called "mintonette"but Dr.Alfred Halsted suggested to him that it should be called "volleyball".The first ever volleyball game was at Springfield College on July 7,1896.In 1916 set and spike were introduced.1943 volleyball referees were approved in games.In 1983 professinal volleyball was introduced.