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Library Media Specialist: Ms. B. Stewart

Scholastic Book Fair- Buy One, Get One Free!


We will be hosting our first ever Scholastic BOGO Fair from Mon, June 13th - Thurs, June 16th. Your child will be scheduled to attend the Book Fair with their class for 20 minutes during an assigned period. Students can buy one book, and get another book that is less than or equal in price for FREE. Bargain books will be available for as low as 25 cents!

Library Makerspace

The Maker Movement has made it's way to Ryan Middle School!

The Library Makerspace is available to students during Open Access lunch periods. Students are encourages to make, create, design, and invent using their STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math) skills. Gary Stager, coauthor of the book Invent to Learn, stated, "The shift to 'making' represents the perfect storm of new technological materials, expanded opportunities, learning through firsthand experience, and the basic human impulse to create. It offers the potential to make classrooms more child-centered: relevant and more sensitive to each child's remarkable capacity for intensity. Making is predicated on the desire that we all have to exert agency over our lives, to solve our own problems. It recognizes that knowledge is a consequence of experience, and it seeks to democratize access to a vast range of experience and expertise so that each child can engage in authentic problem solving." Some of the resources we currently offer include:

  • Drawing and Art Supplies
  • Origami and Paper Crafts
  • Knitting/Crocheting
  • Collection of Recyclable Materials to Repurpose
  • LittleBits: Electronic Circuit Building Kit
  • Texo, Powerclix, & Legos: Engineering Tools
  • Stop Motion Animation materials
  • 3D Printers & 3D Digitizers
  • Makey Makey: Game Design & Invention Tools

Ask your child about the challenges that are offered each month, and how they have used the Library Makerspace!

Library Website

Check out the Ryan Lion Library Website to find book suggestions, helpful links for students and parents, and information about events in our building!

Go to www.ryan216.org and click on "Library Media Center" on the top of the page!