The Change In The Catholic Church

The Change In The Catholic Church

The change in the catholic church were teaching people false text and taking indulgence so Martin Luther started a reformation. They were lying to the people about religion. People where not getting the right information about the bible and Christianity.

Who Were The People Associated With The Change

  • Martin Luther- was the man that decided to fight the church
  • Gutenberg- is the man who invented the printing press
  • King Henry viii- the first man who got a divorce and left the church
  • protestants- is someone who is against the church
  • Jesuits- members of society for Jesus

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time

People started to go against the catholic church and they became protestant. Luther believed you needed faith in gods gift of forgiveness. The church teachings should be based on what the bible says, but instead they were teaching false text and taking indulgences, that's why Martin Luther started a reformation

How is change seen in today's modern society

The catholic church has stopped all of the indulgences and they put the bible in other languages, and told the truth of the words in the bible. The church was teaching people false text, so people is getting the wrong information but the church teachings are making them believe they are actually getting the words that come straight from the bible.

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