Ultra Sonic Sound Weapons

Weapons that use sound to cause pain!

Ultra Sonic Sound Weapons

A Sound weapon is a weapon that uses sound to damage eardrums, cause nausea, and cause migraines. These weapons can be very affective in some circumstances.

Does it only affect your ears?

No, it can also cause bio-effects, various of auditory shifts, muscle contractions, cardiovascular function change, central nervous system effects, lung tissue effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LRAD?
  • Long Range Acoustic Device
Were these weapons used in Ferguson?
  • Yes the first few days LRADs were in use

Does the pain get worse or is it just one constant pain?

  • The higher the intensity gets the more painful it is

How high can the decibels get?

  • 162

How else are they used?

  • LRADs are used to remove animals from runways and different facilities

Can the LRADs affect the rest of your body

  • Yes they can put jelly on your organs

How much does a small device cost?

  • $40 dollars