Oraganization and Planning

Get It Done

The Trello App

This app is found in the Google play store. It is a free app and it is also available for purchase. The basic function for this app is a color coded to-do list. This app is good for young adults to middle aged people. Others that might like this app would be busy moms with multiple children or children/ child with many activities. This app is very simple easy to use and helps you step by step. I like this app it is fun to use. The is not any sound and there are no available function with people with visual disabilities or hearing impairments. This app is similar to any list management apps you may download. what I like the most about this app is its simplicity. I would recommend this app to students who tend to be forgetful or who are very busy.
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Simple Mind

This app can be found in the Google play store. It is a free app. It was not available for purchase. This app is a mind mapping or webbing app. It is designed for an older audience. Simple mind would be high successful in a English class or story break down or even for note taking. The simplicity of this app makes it boring, what you see is what you get. The was no sound or customization available. I cannot compare this app to any others I have not seen any laid out like this one. I do not like this app. I would only recommend it to students in English or in a high note taking class.
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This app is available in the Google play store. It is a free app it is also available for purchase. The basic functionality of this app is to make lists. The main audience use for this app could be almost anyone who can use a smart phone. Other people who may enjoy this app would be: Forgetful people, moms or dad, goal oriented people, students and even event planners. This app was fun to use. It has sound and customization tools. It will remind you of an event or a "to-do" so you wont forget. It has good quality sound and pictures. I love this app. I do not dislike anything about this app. I will compare it to the Trello app because it also makes lists. I would definitely recommend this app to any and everyone who needs a little reminder here and there.
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My Homework Student Planner

My Homework Student Planner can be found with any Apple device within the app store. It is free and includes in-app purchases. The basic functionality for this app is that it is easily designed to add your homework in for each class to determine when it is due and set up your reminders. Any ages will be good but the best ages would be better for high school and up. This would be useful for teachers/professors and they can even use the app like D2L but more simple. You can quickly figure out how to use the app. I would not call this a fun application but it is very basic and to the point. To the business personnel point of view it would be very organized. I do not recall seeing any sound or any features that will help users with any type of disabilities. Since It is similar to D2L the best part about this is you can connect easily without having to type up or write your assignments. My only disappointment about the app is there is not very many custom features. Yes, I would recommend to students.
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Jorte Calendar and Organizer

Jorte Calendar and Organizer can be found in the basic app stores for Android and Apple with freein-app purchases. With this app you can view the month as a whole or broken down to days and weeks. This would be really useful for even middle school and because it's so simple to learn. You can learn this app very quickly and is colorful and fun to use. It is very visually appealing to the eye.I could not find any sound for this app and the only advantage I found would be helpful for someone with low vision. Due to the wording being big enough to be read if you are on a computer it should not be an issue. Good ideas for this app would be jotting down important events, being on time to appointments, and adding repetition appointments like monthly bills. It additionally has a few other perks such as task, memos, diary, or journal. I really like this app it is similar to the one on my phone. With all the great features and with it being so easy to use makes it even better. I did not have any dislikes with this app, I liked it all pretty well. I would recommend this to any student.
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Photo Math

Photo math can be found in the iPad Apple store but there are no in app purchases available. This version that I will be showing however is free. This app is designed to help you complete your math homework and make sure you have the correct answers. Children of all ages all the way to adulthood can benefit from this app. Contractors that build houses may benefit from the use of this app, and even a math teacher as well. This app is super easy to use and maybe fun that you found the answer to your problem solving if you dislike math. Photo Math is a really plain Jane app designed exactly to solve and provide your answer. I cannot find anything with sound and for disability there are not any advantages unless someone with low vision could see a little bit better on a iPad. The specifics of this app is designed to show you how to work the math problem and to come up with the answer. The best part about this app is it actually tells you the answer as well! The only problem with this app is it only takes pictures printed math problems not handwritten. This is a must for any student to have I would highly recommend this app.
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