3S Sensations

Week of Feb.1

A Note From Ms. Salazar

Math Test

We will take our Fractions Math test next week. We will review early in the week. Students should feel comfortable writing, naming and explaining fractions: simple fractions, fractions of a set, fractions greater than one, comparing fractions with the same numerator or denominator, comparing fractions to 1/2, fractions in number stories, and on a number line, and equivalent fractions.

Fun with Fractions

We will be doing different activities next week to help us review. I will be picking up Hershey bars, candy hearts, and paper plates over the weekend. If you could send in $1.00 to help me with some of the cost I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!


We have had many colds this winter and our tissue supply is running low. If you have an extra box at home we would appreciate a donation to the class!

Info from last week:

Book Worm

If your child is interested in having their very own book published, please check out this year's BOOKWORM forms. Books get published with a hardcover and are placed in the school's library for students tocheckout next year. This is a great (and free!) program. I'm happy to look at any student's book before they submit it. I encourage your child to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! Please contact Laurie Verderame at freeme64@verizon.net or Diana Ellery at dellery@comcast.net with any questions

Book Fair

3S will visit the Book Fair on 2/11 from 10:45-11:15. If you would like to send in money for your child to purchase books, please feel free to do so. Another option is for you to visit the Book Fair during After School hours with your child. There is no pressure at all to purchase any books!

PARCC Testing Dates

PARCC Testing for Grades 3-5 will take place April 18-26. Please make every effort to have your child in school during testing. Make Up testing will occur April 27-May 5.

2/8 Interim Reports in Genesis, Grades 1-5 3:30 PM

2/9-2/11 Scholastic Book Fair

2/11 Book Fair Family Night 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

2/12 Valentine’s Day Parties 2:00 PM

2/15 Presidents’ Day – No School

2/16 No School For Students-Teacher Professional Development

2/18 PTA Meeting 8:30 AM, Library

2/18 Community Meeting 1:45 PM

2/19 Spaghetti Bingo 6:00 PM

2/25 Salad Bar Lunch

2/26 School Store 11:50 AM – 12:40 PM

Spotlight Student

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The Science Circus

by Cleo,Jason,and Leo

Science has been going wild in 3S.We’ve just been doing so many tests the results have blown our minds.Let’s explain how.

With the tests that we have been doing the results explain a lot for most of them.But not all.The vinegar test made the unknowns mostly clear except for the blue unknown which fizzed up.And with the Iodine test the unknowns were mostly red except for the orange which which was black.And with the red cabbage juice test the unknowns were mostly light colors except for the blue which turned green.

But when we did the test there was a few questions we had to remember : did it dissolve? did it change colors? was there an unknown that stuck out the most? and when we did the tests we found out all the

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Rockin Readers

This week in 3S we are Rockin’ Readers! Our main topic was contrast and contradictions. Contrast and contradictions are when a character says or does something unexpected. We had to ask ourselves a question. The question was “why would the author do this?”

Our class started reading chapter books, and every time we noticed a contrast or contridicion we put a little post-it on the page, so we knew where the contrast and contradictions were. While we were reading we had to look for new vocabulary words and wrote them down on our bookmark so that we could start learning them.

We also read a book called “Enemy Pie” In the book there were many contrast and contradictions. One of them was that the main boy started having fun and playing with his ENEMY. But when he did not like his enemy they made an enemy pie to get rid of the enemy. And the enemy and him became best friends.

You should now be a rockin’ reader at contrast and contradictions! They are sometimes hard to find but they are also a lot of fun!

Writing Workshop

By Bella, Elise, and Izzy

Feel the pencil moving on the tin paper making gray words...Writing is so fun you want to share it with everyone!

That was our introduction. In our books an introduction is very different. You can start with HOOK. You can use your five senses or many others. We also worked on conclusions. You can end with a positive spin or a play on words. We also revise our chapters by using a checklist and going back and rereading our writing with new eyes. That's when you pretend you know nothing about your topic. If you need to elaborate more you can use a mini story and more. You can also add facts, ideas, use vocabulary words, observations, stats, and much more. We also try to use transition words.

We also used books and the internet to fact check.

Stay tuned to next week's writing report.

Fact Checking!


By Enya, Ainsley, and Courtney

6/5, 11/2, 1 and 3/5. This week in school we were learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers. Improper fractions are when the numerator is greater than the denominator. For example: 8/6. Also mixed numbers are when there're wholes and fractions together. For example: 1 1/2. We also learned fractions on number lines. You have to count the equal parts from 0 to 1 on the number line to figure out the denominator. Then count up to the arrow or point you are looking at to find the numerator. For an example look at the picture below.

Sometimes you can change a mixed number into an improper fraction. When you do this always remember to get MAD! M: Multiply, A: Add, D: bring over the Denominator. For example: 1 4/5 = 9/5 because 5x1=5 and 5+4=9. That's the numerator. And you bring over the denominator. Now you have an improper fraction!

So remember to get MAD whenever you need to change a mixed number into an improper fraction!