Otter News

February 2020 Newsletter

River Oaks Elementary

Rene Cazier, Principal

Nicole Williams, Assistant Principal

Tuletia Rivens, Assistant Principal

Message from the Principal:


Second semester is off to a great start! Thanks to all families who attended our Literacy Event and Awards Ceremonies this past week. We are so proud of our students and their accomplishments! A big thank you goes out to everyone who donated to Special Olympics by wearing crazy hats and socks last month. We raised over $2,000 and our school team participated in the Polar Plunge on February 1st. Additionally, I want to thank our PTO and all parents who donated school supplies. Through your donations, our teachers were able to replenish many needed items for their classrooms. Your continued partnership and support of your children’s achievement helps our school community shine.

During third quarter, we continue to work on our school focus of building relationships, providing rigorous academics in the classroom and reflecting on our teaching practices to improve instruction. We began a school-wide positive recognition program for our students. The acronym OTTERS was developed by our school team. O- On task, T- Trustworthy, T- Thoughtful, E- Enthusiastic about Learning, R- Respectful and Responsible, S- Showing Self-Control. As students demonstrate these characteristics, the staff recognizes the students with stickers. The students strive to fill up their otter charts and then are rewarded with prizes. This initiative has created a lot of excitement across our school. Our work with John Antonetti continues as we create engaging tasks for our students at all grade levels. Since the beginning of the year, our students have shown tremendous growth in their writing using the Being a Writer program. Through our lesson studies and learning walks, our teachers have had the opportunity to observe instruction in their colleagues’ classrooms and reflect on their instructional practices. The rewards of this work have been amazing! Not only are our students motivated to write, but they also are eager to share their work with their classmates.

We are proud to have Tina Medina representing ROE as our Teacher of the Year. She was recently named as one of the Top 10 in Horry County. Rita D'Ippolito is our Rookie Teacher of the Year and Judie Brooks is our Support Staff Employee of the Year. Congratulations to all of them!

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs. Cazier

HCS Technology Fair

The annual HCS Technology Fair is quickly approaching!

The HCS Technology Fair is an annual student technology competition produced by Horry County Schools. The HCS Technology Fair is the highest level of student technology competition in our County with over 700 projects, representing the work of 1300+ students judged at the competition each spring.

Competition is open to all HCS students in grades PreK through 12th grade. There are multiple categories in the competition including a category for teachers only & Passion Projects. Passion Projects is anything students have created outside of school. These may be projects created at home that are not part of an after school club. Student creations must fall under one of the Tech Club Categories. They will be judged with age-appropriate peers based on their creativity.

When: Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Where: Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach

Registration will open the first week of February 2020 and will remain open until March 6, 2020.

For more information please visit: Link

Counselor's Corner

We have kicked off another new school year and things are going great. We began our year by bringing all students to our office to remind them of who we are and where we are located. We also discussed our purpose in the school and how to refer themselves to us.

We will focus on many lessons on our character strengths. Our character strength for February is "Integrity". These character strengths are important to the students because they are skills they need in order to be successful in life. The conversation will also be carried over to the classroom and can be something you discuss at home so they know what it looks like in all areas of their lives.

We look forward to working with you and your child this year. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Shan Francis & Staci Stillwagon

Superintendent's Reading Honor Roll

Please join the library in participating in the Superintendent’s Reading Honor Roll Challenge:

Grade level & how many books to read:

K-1st Grade: 40 Books

2nd - 3rd Grade: 30 Books

4th - 5th Grade: 20 Books

It is as simple as selecting a book you want to read and recording that book’s title with a parent or teacher signature to verify that you have read that book.

*Due May 15, 2020*

Please turn in completed reading logs to Mrs. Savoca in the library.

Students who read the required number of books will become a member of the Superintendents reading log and receive a certificate from the Superintendent.

Reading Logs and further details regarding this program can be found by visiting:

*Students can pick up a printed reading log from the ROE Library upon request*

Thank you,

Mrs. Wendy Savoca

Talkin' Trash - A Recycling Contest for Horry County 4th Graders

Fourth graders have been "Talkin' Trash" for eighteen years in Horry County. This countywide contest encourages fourth-grade students to recycle at school and divert waste from being thrown away in our landfill.

Every month, the top three winning schools will receive a plaque, school supplies for their school, a recycled content prize for each 4th grader, and a visit from the Talkin' Trash crew! The students will also get a chance to appear on television.

Congratulations to ROE's 4th graders for being one of the top three winning schools for the month of December, ROE recycled 1,505 lbs!

The top three schools that demonstrate the most recycling during the course of the Talkin' Trash contest will be deemed the Grand Prize winners and the fourth graders from those schools will go on a fun-filled educational field trip. Lunch and transportation will be provided


  • 5th Grade DC Field Trip: Washington D.C. final payments are due February 21st. All money from chololate fundraising needs to be turned in by February 7th. Any boxes of chocolate not paid for will be either added to the cost of the Washington D.C. trip or added as a fine to the student's record.

  • We have a new check-in system. Please make sure to bring your license when you visit!

  • Transportation changes need to be submitted in writing to the school prior to 12:00 PM. *No transportation changes will be accepted via email or phone calls *

  • Early Dismissals: The latest time for early dismissal is 2:00 PM. Please make sure to bring your driver's license to the front office.

  • Lost & Found: Please remind your student to check for any missing items in our "Lost & Found" area.

Important Dates

All throughout the month of February, River Oaks Elementary will be participating in "Random Acts of Kindness" #KindnessMatters

February 3rd - 7th: National School Counseling Week

February 4th - Talent Show Practice- after school

February 4th - After School Mad Science

February 5th - After School Good News Club

February 5th - Carolina Trust In-School Banking

February 5th - Talent Show Practice- after school

February 5th - SIC Meeting

February 6th - Talent Show Practice- after school

February 7th - Talent Show Performance- 6:00-8:00 pm, Gym

February 11th - After School Mad Science

February 11th - After School Golf Squad

February 12th - After School Good News Club

February 17th - President's Day - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS (Teacher Work Day)

February 18th - Make-up Day for all staff and students

February 18th - After School Mad Science

February 18th - After School Golf Squad

February 19th - After School Good News Club

February 19th - 25th: Performance Task Assessment

February 21st - End Date for 3rd Quarter Interims

February 21st - Girl's Dance sponsored by PTO

February 25th - After School Mad Science

February 25th - 3rd Quarter Interim Reports Issued

February 25th - After School Golf Squad

February 26th - Class Group Picture Day

February 26th - After School Good News Club

February 27th - After School Soccer Club