Harriet Tubman

Conductor on the Underground Railroad By Anne Petry

Harriet's Beginning Days

Harriet's birth name was Araminta Ross. Harriet was born in March of 1820. The day is unknown. Harriet grew to be a very strong woman and worked as she was supposed to until she grew tired of slavery and fled to the free state of Pennsylvania when she was about twenty to thirty. Harriet made many trips back and forth across slavery and freedom borders' to help slaves get their freedom.

Where is Harriet from?

Harriet was born a slave and raised on Maryland's eastern shore. This is one of the border states between slavery and freedom.

Fun Fact about Harriet

Harriet worked along side of people like Susan B. Anthony. Tubman worked for the Union army as a cook, as a nurse, and even a spy.


1820- Harriet Tubman was born in Dorchester County, Maryland on the eastern shore

1825- Harriet was sold out to be a house worker/maid in that particular house, and every time the baby would cry and the owner would have to come downstairs Harriet would be whipped so Harriet learned to sleep half awake when the baby cried she would still sleep but when Harriet heard footsteps coming down the steps she would wake up and comfort the baby

1833- Harriet stood in the way of an overseer to let a slave runaway and she got hurt by a 2 lbs weight that was thrown at the slave but hit Harriet instead, Harriet was badly injured

1840- After Harriet's father turned 45 years old he was released from slavery later Harriet and her brother were to be released as well

1844- Harriet married her first husband by the name of John Tubman

1849- Harriet begun to get sick, as the owner of her and her parents as well as her fellow slaves died (Edward Brodas), a couple of months after her sisters were sold out.

1850- Harriet began to start freeing slaves up to the North

1851- Harriet went back to Dorchester County to bring her husband back to the north with her but he had already remarried

By: Maddux Rhodes