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6th Grade Language Arts Class Newsletter


Progress reports went out on Friday. Some students did not get them until today. However, I encourage you to check home access to verify that grades have not changed since progress reports were printed. I can tell you that more grades have been entered for my class so grades on progress reports are not accurate.

If you do not have Home access, please contact Ms. Noemi Gamas in order to set that up. Her email is . Home Access is a great way to stay on top of student grades and progress in all of their classes. I HIGHLY encourage it for all parents.

The end of the 4th six weeks is on February 14th.


Please check my website calendar for Tutorial days. As I am a club sponsor, my tutorial schedule does fluctuate. I always update my calendar with days I am available for after school tutorials. Tutorials are from 3:35-4:30 on scheduled days.

The Watson's Go to Birmingham

THIS WEEK WE WILL START READING! If your student does not yet have a copy of the book, I encourage you to purchase it. I have been advising the kids to go and see if any copies are available these last two weeks. To my knowledge there are no more copies avaialable in our library. We will begin reading this book tomorrow in class.

If you are going to purchase a copy of this book, I suggest that you go to Halfprice books, check one out through the public library, and lastly, purchase it through a regular book vendor like Barnes and Nobles, etc.

Some of the kiddos have asked about purchasing the books on their phones, Ipods, kindles, etc. While I am ok with this approach, they are responsible for any electronic devices that are brought to school. Please discuss with them the importance of keeping up with their things as well as reinforce the school BYOD policy and acceptable use of electronic devices at school.

Istation and MAP

You will notice in Home Access a "MAP" grade. Measures of Academic Progress is a state-aligned computerized adaptive assessment program that provides RRISD educators with the information they need to improve teaching and learning in the academic classrooms. Students are administered this computerized test three times per year, Fall, Spring and Winter. This allows us to see growth in each individual student over time.

In the gradebook I have placed the students Percentile score. This score has a 0% weight so it IS NOT affecting the students grade. I placed it there simply for your own knowledge and information on how your student is performing. In RRISD, your sixth grade student should have a percentile score of 41 or higher at this point in the school year.

Another grade you will see is Istation. Istation is used to assess each students reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. This is an ongoing tool that we will use weekly to measure growth in all reading areas in conjunction with small group pull outs based on the data provided by this tool. Istation CAN BE DONE AT HOME! I will be sending home a form with details on how your students can increase performance by practicing at home! Students will be given a weekly grade based on their overall performance.

If you have additional questions about MAP or Istation please feel free to contact me via email at any time!