Gabriela Villa Digital Journal


February 12, 2016 Stinging Dust & Forgotten Lives

The Dust Bowl was an event that affected the United States in the 1930's. The states that were affected were Northern Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, and etc. The Dust Bowl was a ten year period that carried the dust from the ground and created many dust storms. The reason that the dust storms occurred were because of the poor practice of farming techniques in that area of the U.S. Around the time the Great Depression started, there was a drought that also affected these areas. By 1935, the Dust Bowl had begun, many thought that it was the end of the world. The dust storms looked like a black cloud and it lasted for about fourteen hours. People would place linen in their windows to keep the dust out. Many other would get sick with dust pneumonia. Some farmers believed that the land would improve, however, others had to get their family ahead and migrated somewhere else to begin a new life. In 1939, the rains returned ending the drought and the Dust Bowl, as well. The government tried helping out the farmers by giving them seeds to plant and money. In all, the Dust Bowl was a drastic event that ended many lives in the United States.

February 15, 2016 Write about the fight scene in Chapter 3.

In "Of Mice and Men", chapter 3, there was a scene where Lennie and Curly get into a fight. Previous to the fight, Curly had been looking for his wife among the men and George was recounting his American Dream to Lennie. Curly believed that his wife was with Slim and went to find him in the barn. Slim and Curly had an argument, however, the argument soon moved to where George, Lennie, and Candy were in. Curly, Slim, and Carlson continued arguing, however, it was more like, Slim and Carlson were "telling off" Curly. I believe that Curly knew he was losing his defenses so turned on an innocent Lennie, who was smiling because of the recounting George had told. Curly thought that Lennie was laughing at him so he decided to pick a fight with Lennie. At first, Lennie did not defend himself, however, after George demanded him to fight back, Lennie grabbed Curly's hand and crushed his bones. After he finally let go, Slim made Curly pretend that he had crushed his hand in a machine that way Lennie and George would not get in trouble.