Class Owl

The simplest planning and communication app for classes.

What is Class Owl and why should you use it?

ClassOwl helps you as a teacher reach your students where they live and breathe...directly on their phones and tablets! With ClassOwl you can be assured that every one of your students will have immediate access to your class deadlines and updates wherever they go. Students can open up their ClassOwl app and see all your homework in an organized daily checklist, and even access class materials on their phones. Students can comment directly on their tasks if they need help or have questions, and teachers can respond on-the-go!

I'm in! Where are my classes?

Teachers can create classes with a few mouse clicks in the walkthrough. Once in ClassOwl, you can add more classes. On the left hand side of the screen click “Find Classes”. From there, on the top right, choose “Create a New Class”. Enter the class name and choose “Create Class.

I'm in! Where are my students?

There are two ways to quickly add students. One way is to have the students add themselves. After clicking on the desired class from the left hand side of the screen, click “Members” from the top middle of the screen. Here you will find a six character code students can use to directly sign up and follow your class. You may also choose to input your students using their email addresses from the“Add Students” button located further down the screen.

Quick Tip: enter one or multiple email addresses separated by a comma:,, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How do I create tasks in ClassOwl?

By clicking on the desired class from the left hand side of the screen to which to you want to add a task, click “+New Task” from the top right of the screen. There you can input Title, Description, Due Date, How long should it take, and whether or not the task is a recurring event. Submit the new task by clicking “Add To Planner”.

2. How do I add an attachment?

When you click “Add task” on your planner, you will have the option to add your attachments (pdfs, word docs, photos, etc.) as well as connect to google drive! This even works for recurring tasks!

3. Why should I type in “how long” the assignment should take?

This gives students a good idea of how much time they should be allocating for work! Students love this feature because they can see if they are meeting the teacher’s expectations in terms of time.

4. How do I edit tasks in ClassOwl?

In your course planner hover the mouse over the task you would like to change. The edit icon that looks like a pencil will appear to the right of the task. Simply click that icon to make changes to that task Update the task and click “Save Changes” to have them applied.

5. Can I use ClassOwl to send an announcement to the students in the class? For example, “Don’t forget to read Chapter 1 for tomorrow’s quiz!”

Yes, we have had teachers add messages / reminders in the "comments" section of a task to send instant notifications. For example, in ClassOwl if you have a quiz with due date Fri, Nov 15, you could write in the comment (don't forget to read Chapter 1). They would all access the notification via push / email as well as on the planner.

ClassOwl Tutorial