French Tutoring

Summer Specials

What? and Why?

Dorothy Keith is offering French tutoring sessions throughout the summer. This is a great opportunity for your child to continue practicing their French skills throughout the summer months.

Two months is the longest length of time that students are away from language exposure. Over the summer, learning loss is equivalent, on average, to at least one month of instruction (Canadian Council of Learning, "Lessons in Learning: Summer Loss", 2008). Practice using French during this time keeps students exposed to the French language and gives them an opportunity to make gains in their language development.

Your child will receive top level French instruction in reading, writing, comprehension grammar and communication.

Summer Specials


Receive $50 off when you sign-up for 6 sessions.

Total Investment: $250

L' Amour

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About Dorothy...

Dorothy Keith is a certified French Immersion Teacher and has been teaching for 5 years. Dorothy is fluently bilingual in English and French. She was born and raised in Sussex, New Brunswick and followed the Immersion program from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. Her study of the French language continued at Acadia University as a French Major. Having studied and lived in both Québec and France has lead her to an even deeper understanding of the French language and she has gained a profound appreciation of the French Culture.