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7 March 2018

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Smile........S = Support Each Other

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Community Links


The partnership program between Edith Cowan College came to life this week with our LINKed students having their first ECC/ECU encounter. This first encounter engaged students with their ECC Mentors and Academic Program Directors. It was great to share this experience with Fiona Leck who has worked hard to ensure the integrity of the program.

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LINKed to Notre Dame University


It was also very special to be part of the unveiling of the cross for the Manjaree Centre at Notre Dame University. The cross made through a collaborative venture between TIDE students and NDU students will provide an everlasting link between the two institutions.


The Year 12 Retreat experience is an important activity which is part of our Graduation Year. The retreats program continue to develop and this year Kate Raphael and Nathan Pereira have voluntarily provided overall leadership of the Year 12 Retreat program.

For your children

Mark Antulov



If you have not collected a full pack application, please do ASAP to secure your place.


Application for EXTRA time on Timed Assessments

Where a student has a temporary or permanent disability, a medical condition and/or a specific learning difficulty that may disadvantage the student in demonstrating his/her knowledge or skills in school-based assessment tasks, parents/guardians are invited to apply to the College for special assessment arrangements to be made for their son/daughter.

Parents/guardians should appreciate the following:

  • The guidelines are in accordance with those outlined by the Schools Curriculum and Reporting Authority.

  • The granting of special assessment arrangements is not necessarily automatic, but subject to the provision of medical and/or psychological evidence to support the need for the accommodation to be made. The supporting documentation must indicate a functional impact that impedes the student's performance in timed tasks. This evidence is to be arranged by the parents/guardians and provided to the College as required.

  • The criteria for awarding grades remain fixed for all students.

  • Students with disabilities and/or specific learning difficulties will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements within the spirit of the assessment parameters.

  • When in Year 12, students who have a permanent or temporary disability or medical condition that may disadvantage them in demonstrating their knowledge and skills in the ATAR Examinations, will need to apply to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) by the due date for special examination arrangements. The school will support the application process. The SCSA application form requires the history of special school-base d arrangements to be noted. SCSA also requires that psychological assessments, where appropriate, be at least 2 years current.

  • Students with disabilities and/or specific learning difficulties have the right to reject the offer of alternative assessment strategies to accommodate their disabilities or specific learning difficulties. Students should understand, however, that such a rejection is likely to have an adverse effect on the final grades awarded to them.

Where the application is successful, arrangements will be made so that a student with a disability and/or specific learning difficulty will not be disadvantaged under normal assessment procedures.

Applications for special assessment arrangements are to be made by completing the appropriate application forms, with any necessary supporting documentation attached. New applications for this year should be directed to Mr Scott Kinner, Director of Diversity and Excellence. Application forms are available at Student Admin through Mrs Grace Cassidy.

Where the application is successful, arrangements will be made so that a student with a disability and/or specific learning difficulty will not be disadvantaged under normal assessment procedures.

Scott Kinner

Director of Diversity and Excellence


In 2017 Notre Dame University Executive Officer, Alanna Harmey, invited TIDE Glassworking students and staff to collaborate on the design and construction a special fused glass cross for the Manjaree Indigenous Centre at their Fremantle campus. We were thrilled to be offered this opportunity and would like to thank Notre Dame staff and students for entrusting us with this significant commission.

Our students were invited as honoured guests to the unveiling and blessing of the cross and to enjoy light refreshments.

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The design for the cross was consolidated by Notre Dame Indigenous student Dana Anaru along with Prendiville students Josh Hugi-Ferguson, Blair Cargill and Myles Williams at a meeting held in the Jewellery and Glassworking Studio, facilitated by Louise Austen (NDU) and Lynn Vroombout (TIDE). The concept incorporated symbols and colours that were culturally meaningful and included the NDU colours.

Once the design was consolidated, 19 of our students began the ambitious task of producing hundreds of cabochons, three layers of small pieces of glass that are slumped in the kiln at 800 degrees celsius. These formed the dots in circular patterns that feature throughout the cross and symbolize meeting spaces. Approximately 40 footprints were cut from sterling silver that had been put through a rolling mill to create a sheet so fine it could be cut with tiny scissors. The footprints flow into the cross from the base and arms and end at the heart of the cross when they reach the cabochons that create a large series of circles. At the base of the cross, a front view of the landscape is depicted leading from the ocean at the base, through a green environment and on to the amber colours of interior. Within the landscape an image of an adult and child walking toward the meeting places holding hands can be seen, representing tradition and cultural heritage. An aerial perspective is used throughout the rest of the cross with the colours at the top referencing beginnings and endings through a sunrise/sunset.

The work took place in Term 4 last year. I would like to thank all of the teachers who kindly supported this project by releasing students to work in the Studio when they could be spared.

Louise Austen, Senior Lecturer, Aboriginal Health, School of Medicine, Fremantle provided the following statement:

'Clive Walley and I are thrilled with the Student Association's support for this project, and hope that the collaboration is the beginning of many opportunities. I believe that collaboratve projects are a wonderful way in which to build warm and lasting friendships that go far beyond the end of any project.'

I would like to thank and acknowledge the following Prendiville students who contributed to the construction of the cross. Josh Hugi-Ferguson, Blair Cargill, Jacob Vanderwiel, Alexandra Luyten, Sophie Hoffman, Cleo Gregory, Myles Williams, Kyanne Cumming, Ella Fieldhouse, Mitchell Rigney, Ethan Miles, Luke McDonald, Zach Valuri, Anton Valuri, Georgia Cutler, Akailah Fernando, Maelie Charette, Sophie Belliveau and Cameran Lord.

Anyone wishing to view the cross may visit the Manjaree centre,located in Bateman Courtyard, access from Mouat Street or Henry Street.

Lynn Vroombout



At this year’s Swimming Carnival, it was fantastic to see the level of participation with over 350 students representing their House. Once again, our experienced swimmers demonstrated maturity and built on their past performances, taking it to the next level. Students who have also been attending swim training regularly were very impressive on the day with all their hard work paying off. Also, a highlight was the ESU 25m swim which definitely had the biggest cheers and support on the day.

A big thank you to all students who had a go and participated for their House on the day and were very respectful, demonstrating the Prendiville spirit.

Ultimately, it was SALVADO HOUSE, for the third time in a row, who took out the Champion House trophy for 2018. The Golden Bear was awarded to FRANCIS HOUSE for their support and enthusiasm shown throughout the day.

Lastly, the day would not have been possible without the help of parent volunteers, ex-Prendivillians and staff. Thank you for all your time, support and assistance. It is very much appreciated!

Well done to all the Individual Age Champions listed below:

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Marius Ndiaye

Head of Physical Education


ACC Swimming and training

Students have been training consistently in preparation for the Interhouse and ACC Swimming Carnivals. We have had a total of 85 students participate in swimming training this year with all students making improvements in their fitness and technique. Training will continue until the 19 March in preparation for the ACC Interschool Swimming Carnival. Parents/guardians and students have been notified if they have been selected to represent the College in the ACC Swimming team. This is a great achievement and students are congratulated for their efforts. Students are encouraged to attend training before the carnival especially those in relay teams to ensure the ACC rules and regulations are understood and followed on the day. Training can make a big difference to the students' overall performance and helps to increase confidence before competing. Families are invited to attend the ACC B Division Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 20 March at HBF Stadium. All event information will be uploaded to the Sportal page. Students have received their permission slips for the carnival and should be returned to the PE office ASAP.

Girls AFL Clinic

Prendiville Catholic College will be hosting an AFL clinic for girls on Monday 12 March. This is a free clinic provided by coaches at the Ocean Ridge Football Club and all girls at the College are invited to attend. The clinic will involve fundamental AFL skills, games and fun activities. The clinic will run from 3.45pm - 4.45pm on the school oval. If students are interested they should contact Miss Mayer or Miss Sharp.

School Sport WA

Trials will soon be conducted for the U/19 State School Girls Basketball team. If students are in this age bracket and are interested in trialling for the interstate team, nominations can occur through the School Sport WA website – under the interstate teams link. If students are interested in nominating for any other interstate teams and age brackets, all information is provided on the School Sport WA website for upcoming trials and competition dates.

Renea Mayer

Acting Sports Coordinator


In Week 3, the Year 12 Integrated Science students attended the annual Herdsman Lake excursion to widen their understanding of wetlands ecosystems. Students participated in a variety of activities to analyse the abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living) factors of the lake.

Using data loggers, students gathered real time information about the non-living factors of the lake (nitrate, oxygen and pH levels etc) to gain an understanding of the overall health of the wetlands. Students then analysed the biotic factors of the lake by searching for sensitive macroinvertebrates. The absence of these macroinvertebrates would indicate that there may be problems with the quality of the lake and that there is an imbalance in certain abiotic factors.

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Overall, it was a fantastic day led by Rod Mifflin from WA Gould League and special thanks to Mrs Marie Jovanoski for assisting on the day.

Peter D’Amico

Science Teacher


The Year 11 and 12 Politics and Law ATAR students were lucky enough to visit the Perth District and Supreme Court. In a visit facilitated by the Francis Burt Law Education Centre, they conducted an in-court explanation of the layout and roles of the court and discussed the issue of Mandatory Sentencing, a highly contentious area of the law which may be seen to undermine the independence of the judiciary.

In addition, they witnessed part of a District Court trial. The defendant, who the students witnessed giving evidence, was facing charges of importing or exporting a border controlled drug (cocaine) in marketable quantity. The defendant was later found guilty by the jury. The trial was heard by Honourable Judge Braddock. She sentenced the defendant to 9 years and 6 months sentence backdated to the time he was taken into custody. He will have to serve a minimum time of 5 years and 3 months before being eligible for release on parole.

The students were fascinated by witnessing a trial in action and viewing the processes of the court. The excursion brought home the reality and importance of Politics and Law and gave the students many insights to support their learning.

Siobhan McCarthy

Politics and Law Teacher

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Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 7.30–5.30pm

Friday: 7.30am –4.00pm

Recess and Lunch every day

Study Tutors

Having difficulty with your homework or schoolwork? Come to the Library for help with one of our Study Tutors on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.30pm-5.30pm.

Research Databases

Students please note the Internet is only one tool for research. We encourage use of all the tools available to you. The following research databases are on your iPads.

Britannica Encyclopedia




Library Search Websites

These can all be accessed from the Student Dashboard. Remember the Internet is merely one tool and you should not rely on Google in particular. We suggest that if you have searched for ten minutes unsuccessfully, it is time to find another resource or ask for assistance.


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Apprenticeship News

Looking for an apprenticeship? Check out the Australian Apprenticeship Pathways site which is really easy to use. Also the Australian Apprenticeships website that provides a lot of information on how to find an apprenticeship, Australian skills shortage needs and who provides apprentice support services in WA.


UMAT Registrations Open

Year 12 students interested in studying medicine or dentistry in 2019 must register to sit the UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test). UMAT 2018 will be held on Wednesday 25 July 2018. UMAT is offered once a year only.

Registrations will close at 5.00pm AEST 1 June 2018. Late registrations will then be accepted until 5.00pm AEST 15 June 2018, on payment of a late fee of $65 in addition to the registration fee. No further registrations are accepted after this date.

UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships

Applications are now open for 2019 scholarships and close on 30 April 2018. The UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships provide senior secondary students who show significant academic potential, together with a strong sense of community involvement and responsibility in Year 11 and 12, with an opportunity to undertake an undergraduate degree of their choice at The University of Western Australia. There are 10 scholarships available and each one is worth $10,000. Fogarty Foundation Scholarship information is available on the UWA website below.

Career Events Calendar March 2018

16 March - CQU Course Information Evening

19 March - UWA Year 10 – 11 Course Information Evening

19 March - UWA Year 12 Course Information Evening

28 March - Murdoch Creative Industries Careers Evening

4 April - Prendiville Catholic College Careers Expo

8 April - CQU Health Campus Open Day

11 April - Murdoch Teaching and Education Information Evening

17 - 19 April - CQU Individual Advisory Sessions Year 10 and 11

18 April - UWA Individual Advisory Sessions

26 April - Curtin Getting into Medicine Information Session

30 April - Fogarty Foundation Scholarships close

1 May - ECU Year 11 and 12 Parent Information Evening, Joondalup

2 May - Year 11 and 12 Parent Information Evening, Mt Lawley

3 May - ECU Psych, Counselling, Criminology Info Evening, Joondalup

7 May - CQU Campus Tours

7 May - UWA Campus Tour

9 May - Murdoch Alternative Pathways Information Evening

9 May - CQU Course Information Evening

9 May - UWA Course Information Evening Year 10 - 11

9 May - UWA Course Information Evening Year 12

9 May - Murdoch Alternative Pathways Evening

15 May - ECU WAAPA Tour, Mt Lawley

17 – 20 May - Careers Expo Perth Convention Centre

23 May - ECU Teacher Education Evening, Mt Lawley

23 May - Murdoch Law and Criminology Information Evening

24 May - ECU Year 10 Parent Info Evening, Mt Lawley

29 May - ECU Year 10 Parent Info Evening, Bunbury

30 May - ECU Media, Arts, Design, Communications, Mt Lawley

30 May - Notre Dame Course Info and Expo Evening


For those of you who joined us on Friday 23 February for the Prendi Summer Fest – you will know a great time was had by all. It was a fantastic evening in spite of the strong winds. The Human Foosball and Human Hungry Hippos were a great success. A huge thank you to parents, students and staff who attended – the event was sold out and over 800 people attended. It was just so amazing to see.

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff who assisted at the event. It was so wonderful for the students to see you there enjoying yourselves . A very special thanks goes to the Phys Ed Department especially Marius Ndiaye and Sarah Fogliani who worked tirelessly all night. Thank you to Ryan Lockyer for all the work with the student leadership team. To Kim Williamson who was an amazing MC – thank you for your enthusiasm. To the leadership team, thank you for attending and all the support you gave the event. From administration, Terry Raphael, Stephanie Davies and Pam Harvey, as always, we cannot do this without you. To the Community Engagement team - Chris and Miah – thank you for all you do for the P and F. Thank you to the Maintenance Department - Craig, Tom and Neill for your assistance to make the evening work so well.

To the P and F Committee – you are a hard working group of amazing women who find time in your busy lives to make wonderful events for the Prendiville College Community just HAPPEN. Many do not realise the hours that go in to planning and organising an event of this size. To Yvonne Hawk – who has taken on this event and made it happen – thank you so much to Jo Lewis and Sam Lenaghan – your ideas and making them happen is amazing to see. To Annabelle Watson and Candy McKnight thank you for all you did to get this thing going. To the rest of the P and F team who worked on the night so tirelessly, thank you for always being there and just getting the job done well. It was such an amazing night - you are such an amazing team – thank you for all you do to make our College so special.

Denny Piovesan

P and F Committee


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Wednesday 14 - Friday 16 March - Year 7 camp

Tuesday 20 March - ACC B Division Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 20 March - P&F Meeting 6.30pm (Boardroom)

Wednesday 21 March - Chisholm Day of Inclusion. Mass 8.00am Chapel


Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend

We invite you to join us on our next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend 6-8 April 2018 (Mandurah) or 27-29 July 2018, 12-14 October 2018..For information or booking contact: Valerie & Brendon on 0424 220 625 – Email: Website –


St Simon Peter Parish, Ocean Reef

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am, 10am and 5pm

Our Lady of the Mission Parish, Whitfords

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 8am, 9.30am, 11am and 5.45pm

St Andrews Parish, Clarkson

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 5.30pm

St Luke's Parish, Woodvale

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am and 9.30am

St Anthony's Parish, Wanneroo

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 6pm

All Saint's Parish, Greenwood

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School, Banksia Grove

Mon to Sat - 8am, Sat - 6pm, Sun - 9.30am

The Hub: A Home For Bright New Ideas!

Prendiville Gallery Hosts Wanneroo Business Association

This Thursday, March 15th from 10Am till 11AM, will be an exciting time for our FlexEd students and The Gallery in general. We will host a morning tea for local business people. Our aim is to give students working in a very practical aspect to our College program to mix and mingle with local business people. It's an exciting prospect .... people from our College Community keen to attend please contact Chris Greenwood on 9301 6249, you'd be welcome. Watch this space for an extensive review of proceedings.
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