Decidious Forest

Plants,Animals,Tempeture, Location

Location, Tempeture, Preciptation, Plants, Animals

1.Eastern Half of North America,Middle Europe,Asia

2.The anual tempeture ranges up to 20 deggres celius down to freezing.

Preciptation range from 50 cen year round. in the colder region to over 200 cen.

3. 30 to 60 inches per year.

4. 5 plants that grow in this biome-

Pecean, White Oak, White Burch, Lady Fern, American Beach

5. 5 Animals that live in the biome-Bald Eagle, White tail deer, bob cat, mountin lion, wolf

5 Intresting things about the biome

Subdived into 5 zones the zone levels are dependent upon the height of the trees.

Although the average tempeture is 50 degrees the water typically sees temp. below freezing.

The growing season of the tempeture Decidious Forest lasts about 6 Mounths.

The soil is very fertile and rich in nutrients.

The trees provide shelter, food, and also water for the animals.

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