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2021 4-H Officer Training Week

Welcome to 4-H Officer Training Week, February 21 - 27! Each day of Officer Training Week will focus on one topic or officer position. Check your email or social media daily for new information.

The Role of the Vice President

The position of Vice President enables you to connect with friends, fellow members, advisors, parents, and your community. Vice Presidents function as the oversight and support person for committees within your club and have the job of ensuring tasks are getting accomplished at the committee level. They also have the admiration of club members who elected them to guide their club through meetings in the absence of the president.

Vice President's Handbook

Ohio 4-H Officer Training: Vice President

Duties of the Vice President

As vice president, you are in charge of the club’s educational program.

  • Chair of the Program/Education Committee.
  • Assure that all members and advisors receive a complete club program.
  • Work with all standing committees.
  • Work with all special committees.
  • Assure that the club has a well-rounded program, including social activities, community service, demonstrations, project work, recreation, and education.
  • Check with those putting on a program to see if they are ready or need any help.
  • Work with the club at the beginning of the year to set club goals.
  • Assure that a program or presenter is properly introduced and thanked.

As vice president, you will assume the duties of the president in his or her absence.

  • Conduct your 4-H club’s meetings with proper parliamentary procedure.
  • Meet with an advisor prior to the meeting to plan an agenda.
  • Assign committees.
  • Maintain order and control during meetings and not voice too many personal opinions.
  • Decide points of order fairly.
  • Automatically becoming the president if the president resigns, quits the club, or is removed from office.
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