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Healthy Lifestyles choices for Teens

Are you worried about your daily eating choices? Well we can help this article will help inform teens of the real risks that fast food can do to your body. Fast food has a lot of risks even though it taste so good it is so bad for your body.

The risks of eating Fast foods

Eating fast food can lead to Weight gain,Obesity,Diabetes and even Heart conditions. Even though fats food taste so good but is it worth all these health issues?Next time think before you eat fats food. Eat Smart Be Smart!

Do you have trouble eating healthy due to your extracurricular activities?

Does having practice after school stop you from eating a healthy dinner? if so here some ideas and tips to help. First,Pack a snack before going to practice or prepare a healthy dinner before practice such as salads or wraps.Always pack a snack for Practices after school it can be tough but you can still eat healthy you just have to make an effort.