The A B C's of bullying

By: Taylor Pache

A through H

A- Act if you see someone being Bullied

B- Be a friend, NOT a bully

C- Caring

D- Defend yourself and others

E- Everything will be okay

F- Friends always help

G- Good people

H- Help out in tough situations

I through P

I- It's Inside is what counts

J- Joyful

K- Kids can be mean, Don't let them be

L- Let it all out to a friend

M- Mind your own business
N- Never spread rumors

O- Over look the little things

P- Patients is always good to have

Q through Z

Q- Quit being a bully

R- Respect others

S- Stand up for others

T- Tell a trusted adult

U- Understand

V- Victims need help when being bullied

W- Weigh out your options on what to do

X- Take an eXtra step to help others

Y- You need to help others

Z- Zig zag around bullying


1.) Over 3.2 Million students are victims of bullying each year

2.) 1 in 10 students drop out of school because of bullying

3.) 71% of students said bullying was a problem in there school

4.) If you repeatedly do something to a kid(s) it is considered bullying