CIA Agent

Job Description

Evaluate paper documents, monitor telecommunications, collect evidence, work undercover, assist government officials, conduct investigations, speak to international agents, and oversee foreign communications.

Why is being a CIA agent interesting?

Being a CIA agent is interesting due to the fact of the scientific research and being secretive to your enemies.

The Education and Training for the CIA

You need a college degree with a 3.0 GPA, a second language, and to be a Special CIA Agent, the training lasts a year at a facility near Washington, D.C.

Job Outlook over the next five years

The look at the CIA is five percent slower than the average rate.

Salary of being a CIA Agent

The salary of being a CIA Agent depends on the degree but an average is anywhere from $49,861 to $97,333 a year.

Related Occupations of become a CIA Agent

FBI agent, Police officer, Forensic scientist, DEA agent, Compliance officer, Criminal psychologist, Border patrol agent, and Private investigator