Stalker Girl

Rose Mary Graham

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Summary of Stalker Girl

Stalker Girl is a realistic book. It is about a girl name Carly Finnegan, and her obsession with her ex-boyfriend named Brian. Brian moved on to a girl named Taylor Deen and Carly did not understand whar Taylor had that she didnt so Carly is going to do everything in her power to find out.

Type of conflict man vs self

Carly is stressing herself out to the extreme to find out what Taylor got that she doesn't got she is putting herself in bad positions.

Qoute from the book

page 251 ¨Practically, yeah I mean Iḿ not exactly trying to fight her off.¨

Carly didn't want to face the fact she was becoming obsessed with Brian.

Theme ¨Intentions¨

This is a story of ïntentions¨ because, Carly is so worried about Brian and his girlfriend Taylor that she doesn't see he moved on and she shouldn't be mad even if she liked him alot.
"Nothing Like Us" with lyrics sadest song ever for broken heart


THe setting of ¨Stalker Girl¨ is in Ney York City , at a Cafe and all round time square. This book symbolize how you should just move on if your boyfriend or girlfriend moved on.