Media Literacy


The media is resource tool used to get or receive information, sometimes false. The media usually covers things such as celebrities, athletes, or the daily news. In America, we usually all come into contact with media coverage 3 times a day whether it’s on twitter, TV, or a billboard. Media plays a substantially large roll in a majority of people’s lives. This morning, approximately 400 thousand Gwinnett county residents watched the morning news at 6.Although that’s a plethora of people, they all probably didn’t get the twitter things that they referred to. Not everyone understands media, to understand media people have to be around it. Being around media will eventually cause those with no knowledge of it to become media literate. For instance, people who first join twitter are always hash tagging things, then after a while, they calm down and understand that they’ve being annoying, stopping them from hash tagging as much. Just like people in the real world, they eventually learn their mistakes on social media. You can’t become media literate overnight though, even if you study those who are media literate for the most part, you won’t learn. Everyone has their own style; it just takes time to figure out. If being media literate was simple, people wouldn’t be made fun of and harassed for their mistakes online. Being literate is the first step of becoming a media literate person. If you have typos and misspelling you will be laughed at. Next step, don’t get to personal with your life, people don’t care that much about you, and it looks like you’re seeking attention. My final and most exclusive tip is just be yourself!

Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful


Coca-Cola in the commercial, “America is Beautiful,” suggest that Coca-Cola engenders countries together. Coke supports their suggestion by having a plethora of countries such as Japan and Mexico, partake in singing “America the Beautiful” in contrasting languages. Coke’s purpose is to portray how Coke has various impacts on a vast amount of countries in order to apprise how customary Coke is to the world. The company promotes it in a blithe tone for everyone.

Widowed Women

Widowed Women

Women willingly wonder with wishes of warrior men, wearing a worthy wardrobe, without wrinkles. Women want white-collar war-heroes in fear of being widowed, while waking their wants. While women whittle away their willow tree, weeping and wanting someone who worries, war-personnel don’t know how they feel. What’s love when women are wrathfully wondering into whorish tendencies? Whiskey wields wizardly powers and waste what was once worthy, but now worthless. While war returns home, who wants their wife with withdrawals? A wasted wedding while women are left widowed.

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Tiger's History with the Driver

Nearly 400 amateur and professional golfers are suing Nike’s golf branch. They claim ever since they have released the new Nike Covert Clubs, they’ve been striking the ball as bad as Tiger, becoming as emotional as him, and are starting to realize they to have a sex problem.

Nike has suggested they switch drivers to the old VRS, because Tiger won his last major with it and it happened before the whole cheating scandal back in 2007.

Nike’s golf branch has denied all of this and said it is just a golf club, but the people wielding the clubs argued against the remarks and called BS.

“We have all been slicing the ball out of bounds or snap hooking it to nowhere, just like Tiger. We throw our clubs, and then go and flirt with the cart girl,” Michael Jordan added. “This is no coincidence, we are all becoming like Mr. Woods.”

Players such as Floyd Mayweather are switching to the Taylor Made SLDR and have noticed vast improvements to their score.

“If you want to shoot par, get rid of the Covert and get the SLDR,” Merriweather says.

All 384 golfing amateurs and professionals, most on the WEB.COM Tour, have noticed the side effects of the Covert Driver.

“It’s painted red, because you’ll be right next to the red stake behind a tree.” “Also, the swoosh on it adds special spin to insure you will not be in the fairway,” claims Jackson Tralongo. “If Tiger switched clubs he’d hit ‘em as good as Chris Brown.”

Ever since tiger has shined in 2000, everyone has tried to be like him.

“Just because I use the Covert doesn’t mean others have to,” Tiger remarks. “There is nothing about it that puts it above and beyond competing drivers.”

“If it was the best driver, it would make average players like Coach Zopf play like me.”

The Covert was released while Obama was in office, so is Tiger to blame?

What Really Happened

What Really Happened

On April 15 1912, the Titanic was the largest ship ever built and was about to set sail for its voyage across the Mediterranean ocean. But the titanic was later taken over by the country of Iceland and the pirates from the country had looted it, killing everyone on board. The pirates of Iceland captured the boat due to increasing embargos with America that they did not like. The main thing they disliked was that the United States wouldn’t trade precious gems and pearls with them. Then the pirates proceeded to place a bomb in the hull, and threated the people for a ransom. They refused and tried fighting the enraged pirates off, but by then, they had blown the hull, causing the ship to sink. There were only a few hundred passengers escaped on lifeboats, majority of them being young or old out of respect from the middle aged man and women. A few of the pirates were found in the ship, brutality beaten and murdered. The United States of America Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated the sunken ship even more and came to find that there was a murderer on board the Titanic, which they believed to be a passenger. The investigators could tell by the lacerations on the neck and were very familiar with the perpetrator who killed the victims. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation believed the murderer hired the crew of Icelandian Pirates to capture the ship so the man could kill passengers with ease. Everybody on board including the captain and the crew was looking for and going to the lifeboats for a chance to get off the ship, and while this was going on, the man was killing innocent victims while everyone else was panicking. The Federal Bureau of Investigation found five bodies on board with the same lacerations. The United States had no idea if the killer was still alive, or if he had sunken with the ship. If the man is still out there he is laying low, not trying to attract attention, and just living an everyday life, day by day. The police have no evidence, and no past evidence from other crimes. The pirates that were captured refused to talk, and one of the two got tortured to death in Guantanamo Bay. The other one told them that the man had paid them in Pearls and Diamonds, and told them to keep their mouth shut or he would come and kill them, and their whole family. The police and Federal Bureau of Investigation were very interested in this individual because they believe the man was a national threat and could also be a terroristic threat. He had no remorse for human life, and fed off inflicting his victims with an abundance of pain they could withstand. Till this day, the perpetrator has not been caught and is still on the Federal Bureau of Investigations top ten most wanted lists. But, there has also been no more recent murders matching his killing profile.

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After finding the sunken ship, they found the TNT had been used to blow the haul inside the massive ship, which they believe to be the work of a Terrorist.

Dirt Road Diary - Live from the Luke Bryan Farm Tour 2012

Dirt Road Diary Lyrics

Me and daddy'd ride around all day shooting doves off a line in a Chevrolet.
Old lab would jump out the back and fetch them up.
We’d drive for miles and miles and never once hit blacktop or change the dial.
One little country station was all there was.

Checking gates, fixing fence rows – that’s how my story goes.

If you want to know the real me, just turn the page in my dirt road diary.
It’s right there for you to see, every kiss, every beer, every cotton field memory.
Tan legs and some Dixie Land delight, ridin’ round, windows down on a summer night.
I was there, and that was me. It's right here in my dirt road diary.

I remember when I turned sixteen I got a license and some gasoline.
Ain't a curve or a straight away we didn’t fly down.
If wasn’t the boys it was me and her by fire in a field or down on the river.
Every inch of that county was sacred ground.

I wish I knew where that old truck was.
If it could talk it could tell on us.

If you want to know the real me, just turn the page in my dirt road diary.
It’s right there for you to see, every kiss, every beer, every cotton field memory.
Tan legs and some Dixie Land delight, ridin’ round, windows down on a summer night.
I was there, and that was me. It's right here in my dirt road diary.

It ain't a book underneath my bed;
Just a dusty memory lane burned in my head.

Tan legs and some Dixie Land delight, ridin’ round, windows down feeling right
I was there, that was me. It's right here in my dirt road diary.

Just ride around my little town and you’ll see how I wrote my dirt road diary.

1984 Diary

Luke Bryan’s song, Dirt Road Diary, has a strong and similar meaning to 1984 in my opinion. Both Winston and Luke remember the past, but they don’t write it down, their mind remembers every little event and can recall it in an instance. Both characters are never acting like them true selves; you have to know their past to understand where they are coming from and their outlook on life. But, Luke’s life is about growing up in the country and all the events he recalls are mainly happy. In addition, Winston only recalls the evil events such as the old war, his mom leaving him, and wanting to push his fat wife off of a cliff. Although Luke Bryan and Winston are total opposite and grow up in a different type of community, they both have a pretty similar thought process, such as disobeying the rules and living life to the fullest. They only live once and want to make the most out of their life, and not following the rules gives them some type of thrill, so they enjoy and love doing whatever the mischief is. In conclusion, the song is very deep and just says all the good things that have ever happened to him in the past.

FareWell to LA

Media Literacy has taught me a couple things, such as internet safety and how to write a précis, but it was more of the teacher then the class that helped me. Coach Zopf wants the best for all his students and he makes sure they take the right steps onto the correct path, such as coming to school on Senior Skip Day. Zopf has shared many eye opening events in his life to shine some light on us, such as being in School another 9 years after high school. How he was only making only 12 dollars an hour, but still accepting and loving life. How you should do what makes you happy, I think I can speak for the whole class (except Amanda) and say that Zopf was the reason the class was interesting and somewhat fun to participate in. The class has been different from every other language arts I’ve taken because we don’t focus on grammar and spelling, we focus on what’s present in our lives such as social media, which in my opinion is what they should do with math class and other subjects with pointless things we study and just forget about the next year because we never use it again. . The school needs to make a movement in its AKS to things that are important in life such as Media literacy does. But In my opinion there isn’t much your department should change such as AKS wise, but I fell that students would be more eager to learn if they had the chance to complete their homework during class, such as we have been doing since the past month. Also, this class is a lot more entertaining and keeps you awake rather than the old British Literature class. Coach Zopf is by far my favorite academic teacher of all time, and you should be blessed to have him.