Weekly Newsletter Team 6

September 30-October 4


Team 6 will be limiting hallway access for students. Students will have 10 hallway passes to use for the remainder of the nine week grading period. The purpose of this procedure is to promote success in the classroom for students. If students end the 9 weeks with 5 or more passes remaining, they can turn them in to a core class teacher for extra credit points.

Students have the opportunity to make up Unit 1 paragraph for Mr. Akagi's class- this is due Monday 9/30.

There will be math test in Mrs. Bange's class on Wednesday, October 2nd.

October 4th is Retake Picture Day.

The end of the quarter is Friday, October 11th.

Language Arts with Ms. Griem

Language Arts will be working on our final District Common Assessment. Students will be working on creating a Public Service Announcement answering our Essential Question: “How do we overcome prejudice and bias?” Students will use the knowledge that they have gained in class and The Outsiders text to create their video PSA. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday will be for assignment introduction and brainstorming/outlining and Thursday/Friday will be for recording and editing. Students will be doing the majority of the editing in class and will be responsible for doing most of their recording at home. (With 30 students it is hard to find a quiet place for recording). If students do not have access to their computers at home, please make other arrangements with me for them to do their video recording. Lastly keep in mind that there are only 2 weeks left until the end of the 9 weeks on October 11th. If students have missing work or need to make up assessments/quizzes/test, they need to do so before Friday, October 11th.

Also attach this link as my LA calendar : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hMy-dGukQT5mCjI-19QZ9fjck_ga4nO080zCZ6pgCyg/edit?usp=sharing

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