Being a Lawyer

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The life of a lawyer

Being a lawyer can be difficult, there is a lot you have to do ex. Advise and represent individuals, act to mange your law firm, prepare for trial and negotiating settlements, work long hours on cases and advise businesses and agencies. You usually work in a office and courtroom but according to the case you could be in different places. It's common to work 60-80 hours or more a week. Although most lawyers get holidays off, vacation time and sick days. The starting salary for a lawyer is around $130,000.To be a lawyer you have to have a bachelor's degree for admission into law school. You also have to pass state test called bar tests. You must be independent, hard working, goo with dead lines, an tough skinned meaning your not going to let little things bother you. advice to give to someone who wants to be a lawyer is to develop goo skills in writing, analysis and critical thinking skills. also have realistic expectations. Some positive aspects of this job you get to help people every day, you make a lot of money an you as a person get to choose what you want to specialize in. Some negative aspects of being a lawyer are your highly stressed, you work long hours and you'll be soaring in law school debt. If you want to be a lawyer it's a good idea to shadow a lawyer for a day or talk to a successful lawyer. You can get promotions as a lawyer or you could become a legal assistant, law clerk, mediator or judge.